The King Bansah: Full-Time Auto Mechanic

King Bansah leads two very contrasting lives as a part-time monarch and a full-time monarch

The King Bansah, or Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah, rules the Gbi Traditional Area of Hohoe, Ghana. His kingdom consists of roughly 200,000 subjects, but as superior and spiritual chief of the Ewe people, he also feels responsible for 2 million in Togo.

He doesn’t live in Ghana or Togo, however. His home is in Ludwigshafen, Germany, where he works as a car mechanic in his own shop.

The King Bansah - King of the road

In 1970, his grandfather, then king of Hohoe, sent him to Germany to train as a mechanic. When Bansah finished his studies, he decided to stay. He opened his shop and lived a quiet and happy life until, one day in 1987, a fax from Ghana changed things forever.
Despite being regarded as a 'superior and spiritual chief of Ewe people' in Togo, he also works full-time mechanic in Germany

His grandfather had died… King Bansah was tapped as his grandfather’s successor. He accepted and made it his goal in life to support the well-being and development of his people, while still working from nine to five in his garage. This is why the monarch rules his people via phone and email.
King Bansah now lives in Ludwigshafen with his wife Gabriele Bansah, 57 and his two children Carlo and Katharina, continuing his job as a mechanic and his role as King. He uses Skype to govern his people and still visits Ghana up to eight times per year. In his role as king he also works on a number of aid projects including building schools and is currently raising money to build a women’s prison.

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