Just an afternoon drive in Afghanistan.

Just an afternoon drive in Afghanistan.

Just an afternoon drive in Afghanistan.

Just an afternoon drive in Afghanistan. from WTF

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19 thoughts on “Just an afternoon drive in Afghanistan.

  1. fisheeyseyes says:

    These guys are clearly used to this

  2. akolozvary says:

    I’d hate to be the chosen person to drive first.

  3. Redditsavage77 says:

    I knew something like that was coming, but that’s terrifying

  4. McGraw-Dom says:

    My first thoughts, they have nicer roads than Indiana, no pot holes….then….well they have one now.

  5. Drops-a-lot says:

    But seriously, WTF happened?

  6. And this is why I don’t like riding with my ex-Marine co-worker who served 2 tours in Afghanistan. He’s been home almost 10 years but still drives like a bat-out-of-Hell because of experiences like this. His PTSD has gotten better but our office is also near the airport which houses a few National Guard helicopters. Like Radar from M*A*S*H, he can hear a Blackhawk or Chinook coming – from inside the office – long before you can actually see it.

  7. TardFarts says:

    The road in Kabul from the airport to the green zone was a straight shot til you got to Massoud Circle. It was called IED alley for a reason. You stopped for NOTHING on that road. Person in a burka walks out in front of you holding a child. Probably an ambush. Broken down car in a lane. Probably an ambush. No civilians around at all. Ambush coming. Used to drive Bagram to Kabul almost weekly in 2010.

  8. Qasim_1478 says:

    Afghanistan has better roads than I thought they would have.

    Games and movies has stereotyped Afghanistan as “Desert with war”

    I always thought that it was just off road vehicles and camel riding.

  9. Glittering_Tough_349 says:

    Why was he driving in the middle of the road

  10. Gandalfthefabulous says:

    Warning: Death on r/wtf? Did I travel back in time to the year 2012?

  11. Still better looking roads than Pennsylvania

  12. I was waiting for something to blow up. And then I thought to myself, wow, what a shitty, prejudice to have, just because it’s Afghanistan.

    And then something blew up.

  13. waitwhathuh says:

    If you watch closely an oncoming car explodes.

  14. ARickline says:

    I thought a bunch of soldiers would come out of the foliage

  15. jamaicamike1987 says:

    That was crazy

  16. DemCookies18 says:

    > …in Afghanistan

    Me: *Skips ahead to the explosion*

  17. RedemptivePeace says:

    Just think, someone went through and planted those trees like that on the side of the road to make the place more beautiful.

    Talk about wasted effort.

  18. aL_Quarter says:

    Sorry boss I was late, there was explosion on the road

  19. No wonder people come back with PTSD. Riding along, waiting for shit like this to happen? Fucks with your mind.

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