Jeri Ryan Made Barack Obama President

Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan

When Barack Obama first sat down in the Oval Office as the first black President, he probably had a pretty good inkling he was only there because of Jeri Ryan the woman who played seven of nine on Star Trek Voyager.

Sci-fi pin-up Jeri Ryan

‘Star Trek: Voyager’ star Jeri Ryan

Barack Obama’s path to the Presidency started when he was a Senator, and he had to win that seat first. The man Obama ran against was Jeri Ryan’s husband, Jack Ryan. It is hard to say whether he could have beaten him or not on his own but because Jack Ryan tried to get a little pervy with his wife, he did not have to.

During the election, the Ryans’ divorce papers got out to the press, revealing that Jack Ryan had tried to take his wife to some less-than-wholesome clubs. “It was a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling,” Jeri Ryan described in the divorce. Jack, she said, “wanted me to have sex with him there, with another couple watching. I refused.”

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In the ensuing scandal, Jack Ryan dropped out of the election, and with him out of the way, Obama won handily. With his spot as Senator, he started moving toward becoming the first black President all because someone tried to take seven of nine to a sex club.