Is Kate “Guevara” Middleton a Royal Revolutionary?

The Sunday Time, the same paper that ran an exposé on Meghan Markle allegedly being a bully and put Prince Very Much Not Racist on the cover of their magazine so his friends could say how not racist he is, has a story today about how Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is a “royal revolutionary.”

What makes Kate Middleton a revolutionary, you ask? Some examples provided in the article:

-She attended a vigil for Sarah Everhard, a woman murdered by a police officer in London (and was conveniently caught by a photographer while not wearing a mask though she wears masks to every other outdoor event she attends). Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said Kate was “working” that day which is why she was able to attend the vigil despite it being deemed an “illegal event”

-She spent five years developing a survey on early chilldhood development that included landmark, never before asked questions such as “nature or nuture?”

-She has become the “Queen of Zoom” during the pandemic

-What REALLY makes her a revolutionary is that she learned to be subservient to her husband. “Charles was Prince of Wales and not used to having the limelight taken from him [as Diana did]. That caused huge problems. Kate is being very careful to ensure she doesn’t outstrip William. She is not on an ego trip, and her head has not been turned by celebrity.”

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ONTD, do you own a Che Guevara shirt?

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