In Japan there is a business known as Joshi Kosei (High school girl)

Where middle-aged men would pay money to spend time with underaged Japanese school girls.

For $40, an hour, a service could include: holding hands, sharing a drink at a restaurant, conversation, getting a massage, etcetera. For an extra fee, there are also “secret options” which include sexual interactions.

Japan high school girl

Though there has been some effort to stop this business, the business owners have always found ways to take advantage of loopholes in Japan’s laws. Some of these loopholes are: the age of consent is 13, the girls’ being paid a salary to work part-time, and as long as the child is partially clothed it’s not considered nudity.

With so many JK businesses located throughout Japan and the money that not only gets made off of; but, also paid to these exploited young girls, the JK business is a business that shows no signs of slowing down.