If You Thought Fireplace Ants Had been Dangerous, Simply Wait Till You Meet Driver Ants…

1.) Driver ants are nomadic.

Fire ants have gotten increasingly more of an issue within the hotter components of america. If that is one thing that bums you out, then perhaps we are able to give you a little bit little bit of perspective. At the very least you don’t have to fret about an infestation of driver ants.

Driver ants are a lot worse than hearth ants. In reality, driver ants are one of many deadliest species on the planet. Oh, they usually’re very very imply. Listed here are 10 causes to be comfortable that you’ve hearth ants as a substitute of driver ants.

1.) Driver ants are nomadic.

1.) Driver ants are nomadic.


Driver ants belong to a bigger genus of ant often known as military ants. These ants are infamous for being nomadic, in that they may journey from place to position. They arrange momentary colonies for wherever from just a few days to some months, till their meals provide within the space is depleted. Then they transfer on.

2.) They journey in enormous packs.

2.) They travel in huge packs.


When they’re migrating between colonies, driver ants journey in a large line. Their colonies are enormous in dimension (extra on that subsequent). They kind a column with assault ants posted as sentries on both aspect in order that the employee ants can run by within the center. These ants are fairly sensible.

3.) They’ve larger colonies than hearth ants.

3.) They have bigger colonies than fire ants.


Colonies of driver ants are HUGE! Driver ant colonies are literally the largest ant colonies on this planet. They’ll quantity as much as 22 million at a time. So, simply think about seeing 22 million, migrating ants on the jungle flooring, all marching in a large column. Yeah, that’s scary.

4.) Driver ants are carnivores.

4.) Driver ants are carnivores.


What makes driver ants a lot scarier than hearth ants is that driver ants are carnivores. Their major meals supply are earthworms that they arrive throughout of their journeys. Driver ants have additionally been identified to assault and devour any animal that isn’t sensible or quick sufficient to get out of their method.

5.) They’re very aggressive.

5.) They're very aggressive.


When driver ants are on the transfer, they behave as virtually a brilliant organism (that’s, as one large hive thoughts). If one ant is harm by a creature whereas the colony is on the transfer, the whole column of hundreds of thousands of ants will assault no matter they understand to be the aggressor. Don’t by chance step on one in all these guys, except you wish to be swarmed by hundreds of thousands of ants.

6.) Once they chunk, it hurts.

6.) When they bite, it hurts.


Fireplace ants wish to chunk and sting after they assault, and driver ants can do the identical. Nonetheless, driver assault ants favor to chunk as a substitute of sting and for good motive. Their bites harm, so much. It’s extremely tough to take away a driver assault ant as soon as they’ve latched onto you with their mandibles. Their bites are so highly effective that sure tribes in Africa deliberately have driver ants chunk them as a option to shut open wounds as a substitute of stitches.

7.) They’ll kill a human.

7.) They can kill a human.


Though it’s not quite common, driver ants can kill people. Often, when you come throughout a column of driver ants, you’re going to run as quick as you’ll be able to in the other way. However when you’re unable to get away, (when you have a damaged leg for instance) then the ants can rapidly overwhelm you and trigger you to suffocate.

8.) They’re fairly huge.

8.) They're pretty big.


Driver assault ants will be as much as an eighth of an inch lengthy, which is fairly enormous for the ant kingdom. Driver ant queens can develop as much as two inches lengthy, and are often known as the most important ants on this planet.

9.) They’re film stars.

9.) They're movie stars.


Driver ants have been within the films earlier than (most famously in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium). Though the scene barely exaggerates their potential to devour human flesh (the ants kill and eat two Soviet troopers in a matter of minutes), they’re roughly precisely described by Indiana Jones as “huge rattling ants.”

10.) They plan and coordinate their assaults.

10.) They plan and coordinate their attacks.


Possibly probably the most terrifying factor about driver ants is how sensible they’re. Many species of driver ant are identified to coordinate and perform “raids” on neighboring colonies of bugs, like termites. Termites are literally a favourite prey of some driver ant species. The motive force ants assault the termites and convey the useless bugs again to the colony for a meal.

So the subsequent time you’re worrying about fire ants, or any kind of ants actually, simply do not forget that not less than they’re not driver ants. Except after all you reside in east Africa. Then it is best to in all probability fear.

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