I Clear up the Rushing Downside

Individuals drive like bats out of Hell. They don’t care in regards to the velocity restrict. They don’t care in regards to the regulation. They don’t care in regards to the accidents, and typically loss of life, they inflict on different drive drivers.

Clearly these individuals are really reprehensible, dangerous eggs even.

What can been executed to cease these velocity demons?

1) Have police difficulty rushing tickets. It is a good, partial deterrent. It’s principal flaw is which might be solely so man visitors cops on the highway. This leaves thousands and thousands of miles of roads throughout our nation unpatrolled. True, quite a few these cops lurk in velocity traps as an alternative of patrolling harmful stretches of visitors. That is certainly a flaw with this deterrent, nevertheless it stills holds that there aren’t sufficient policemen patrolling our roads to discourage the velocity demons. An officer of the regulation who isn’t there can’t difficulty a rushing ticket.

2) Let the insurance coverage firms take automobile of the speeders. Allow them to cost larger insurance coverage charges for the lead-footed drivers. Pfft! Doesn’t work. The rushing drivers simply don’t give a rip.

So, what can we do? What do the speeders care about? What is going to they obey?

The legal guidelines of physics.

Regardless of how briskly you drive, irrespective of how decided you might be, you may’t drive your automobile via the automobile or truck in entrance of you.

Because of this if all of the lanes in entrance of you might be blocked by autos going slower than the velocity restrict, you may’t velocity.

However how can we rein within the speeders?

I’m glad you requested. My options rely of two observations which might be practically as true as a the legal guidelines of physics.

1) A good portion of drivers are unable to drive as quick because the velocity restrict if they’re going uphill.

All we’d should do is make roads that solely go uphill. However this isn’t true wherever. Phooey.

2) However there’ll at all times, at all times be one driver that tries to go a gradual truck. Nevertheless, they are going to drive one mile per hour sooner than the truck they’re driving to overhaul. Then lanes are blocked by autos going slower than the velocity restrict.

Hurrah! We’re onto one thing right here. Merely drive sufficient vehicles all over the place to decelerate all of the visitors in all lanes of each single highway within the nation.

However how can we get sufficient vehicles on the roads for this plan to work?

Purchase them! It may very well be the federal government doing the buying. It may very well be you. Do your half!

The place can we get sufficient truck drivers?

Rent them! Rent the unemployed, Unemployment would fall to zero. It may very well be the federal government doing the hiring. It may very well be you. Do your half!

There you go. One other downside solved. Chances are you’ll sleep simply tonight.

Paul De Lancey, involved citizen and Comedian Chef, Ph.D.

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