Humorous and Inspirational Quotes About Computer systems

funny and inspirational quotes about computers

Make sure to feed your mind with Inspirational quotes about computer systems and humorous puns, since your mind must be fed often similar to the remainder of your physique.

Computer cartoon

50. “Some issues Man was by no means meant to know. For every part else, there’s Google.”

49. “Failure shouldn’t be an choice — it comes bundled with Home windows.”

48. “Computer games don’t affect kids; I imply if Pac-Man affected us as youngsters, we would all be working round in darkened rooms, munching magic drugs and listening to repetitive digital music.”

47. “COBOL programmers perceive why ladies hate intervals.”

46. “Synthetic Intelligence normally beats pure stupidity.”

45. “To err is human… to actually foul up requires the basis password.”

44. “Like automotive accidents, most {hardware} issues are as a result of driver error.”

43. “If at first you do not succeed; name it model 1.0”

42. “If Python is executable pseudocode, then perl is executable line noise.”

41. “Programmers are instruments for changing caffeine into code.”

40. “Why do we would like clever terminals when there are such a lot of silly customers?”

39. “I am unable to uninstall it, there appears to be some form of ‘Uninstall Protect’.”

38. “See daddy ? All of the keys are in alphabetical order now.”

37. “Hey! It compiles! Ship it!”

36. “SUPERCOMPUTER: what it seemed like earlier than you obtain it.”

35. “Yo moma is like HTML: Tiny head, enormous physique.”

34. “Home windows Vista: It is like upgrading from Invoice Clinton to George W. Bush.”

33. “The extra I C, the much less I see.”

32. “Life would be so much easier if we solely had the supply code.”

31. “My software program by no means has bugs. It simply develops random options.”

30. “The one drawback with troubleshooting is that typically bother shoots again.”

29. “Crap… Somebody knocked over my recycle bin… There’s icons throughout my desktop…”

28. “Chill out, its solely ONES and ZEROS !”

27. “rm -rf /bin/laden”

26. “I do not care when you ARE getting a PhD in it ! Get away from that rattling laptop and go discover a lady !”

25. “The beauty of Object Oriented code is that it might make small, easy issues appear like massive, advanced ones.”

24. “If brute power would not clear up your issues, then you definately aren’t utilizing sufficient.”

23. “Programming is like intercourse, one mistake and you need to assist it for the remainder of your life.”

22. “Unix is user-friendly. It is simply very selective about who its pals are.”

21. Microsoft: “You’ve got obtained questions. We have got dancing paperclips.”

20. “I am not anti-social; I am simply not person pleasant”

19. The world is coming to an finish… SAVE YOUR BUFFERS !”

18. “Should you do not need to get replaced by a pc, do not act like one.”

17. “Higher to be a geek than an fool.”

16. “I went to a gentleman’s cybercafe — and so they provided me a ‘laptop computer dance’.”

15. “After Perl every part else is simply meeting language.”

14. “The Web: the place males are males, ladies are males, and youngsters are FBI brokers.”

13. “There are 10 kinds of individuals on this planet: those that perceive binary, and people who do not.”

12. “Distinction between a virus and home windows ? Viruses not often fail.”

11. “Hacking is like intercourse. You get in, you get out, and hope that you simply did not go away one thing that may be traced again to you.”

10. “1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d

9. “Helpdesk: There may be an icon in your laptop labeled “My Pc”. Double click on on it.
Person: What’s your laptop doing on mine?”

8. “I feel Microsoft named .Web so it wouldn’t present up in a Unix listing itemizing.”

7. “If debugging is the method of eradicating bugs, then programming should be the method of placing them in.”

6. “Pc courting is ok, when you’re a pc.”

5. “Any idiot can use a pc. Many do.”

4. “{Hardware}: The elements of a computer system that may be kicked.”

3. “Those that cannot write applications, write assist information.”

2. “You realize you are a geek when… You attempt to shoo a fly away from the monitor along with your cursor. That simply occurred to me. It was scary.”

1. “Pc language design is rather like a stroll within the park. Jurassic Park, that’s.”

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