How to Be Funny – Part 5 – Understand the Big 3 Theories of Humor

Today we’re proceeding a little bit psycho on you. Mental that is. We’ll be dealing with 3 of the most accepted in addition to widely agreed upon theories regarding humor out there.

Why are these claims even important you ask?

Well if you want to learn how to be interesting its probably a good idea to understand why people laugh on the whole and there is nothing more common than:

  • Superiority Theory
  • Relief Theory
  • Incongruity Theory

Superiority Theory:  In summary this theory that affirms that we enjoy laughing within the mistakes and misfortunes more. When someone else brands a mess of things it gives us a boost to our personal self-esteem. Yes, there is a tiny dark side, even cruelty, to several humor. Ever wonder why so many people enjoy sleazy talk shows, and sleazier reality TV programs? It has the because you can sit back and have fun at those crazies on television and say to yourself, “Thank God my life isn’t THAT WILL bad!” One stipulation to Superiority Theory which is when the person who has a little something bad to them is directly related to you or is a wonderful friend of yours. In this instance most people will defend the person in addition to rationalize good reasons for so why something bad happened with them instead of laughing. It has the much easier for you to laugh with someone who you have no accessory to.

Relief Theory: There is the old cliché that will says that “laughter is the better medicine”. Its true. That old axiom goes hand in hand with relief theory which often says that you use wit in your life as a method to reduce the stress and tension each day life. Imagine this particular: you just came home from your absolutely crappy day at do the job, your boss was pissy and micro managing people all day and nothing seemed to move right. You get home, take a moment within the sofa and turn on the tv to find a rerun of 1 of your favorite sitcoms. It is not only a show you love but its the episode that people know will make you laugh even though you’ve viewed it a dozen times just before. It could be Friends, Family Gentleman, Seinfeld, Cosby Show or perhaps whatever. Chances are that after you view that show and are capable of let out a few laughs likely to feel relieved and less exhausted. Bottom line, relief theory affirms that laughter causes reduction.

Incongruity Theory: This is the previous of the Big 3 as well as one we are most acquainted with. You can think of incongruity idea as saying that we have fun we something happens certainly not line up with our expected simple fact. When you expect one final result and get something totally different. Many call it “laughing at the absurd”. If you want to learn how to be interesting then you’ll probably spend a great chunk of time learning about, publishing, and performing situations which are not congruent.

Source by Sterling Barnes

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