How people with Astigmatism see

How people with Astigmatism see

How people with Astigmatism see

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37 thoughts on “How people with Astigmatism see

  1. dogtarget says:

    I need that *Without* filter for my eyes.

  2. Today I learned how people -without- astigmatism see.

    Edit: Thank you for the awards kind people of Reddit!

  3. BrassCityNikki says:

    Idk what happened, my perception of lights was the left picture all throughout my childhood, but at some point It changed to the right picture, without glasses.

  4. Significant_Ad_4487 says:

    wait… are the lights not meant to be spiked and lined like that???

  5. Nuclear_Testicle says:

    Can it be corrected with glasses?

  6. MahjiggTheFox says:

    Bro I fucking knew lights werent supposed to do that shit. I feel like im missing out

  7. MarvinLazer says:

    TIL I have astigmatism.

  8. zoobernut says:

    I have kerataconus and strong astigmatism in both eyes. This is what it looks like at night for me even with glasses. On the freeway it gets so bad that the opposite side of the freeway looks like a solid smear of light. It is very hard for me to drive at night.

  9. Monkeydo97 says:

    This is bullshit man people without astigmatism seem to be driving in 4k while im over here tryin not to die in 240p

  10. obstruction6761 says:

    Yup, its also 100x worse with rain at night when the roads are wet and reflect even more light 🙁

    On a side note, fuck people with LED headlights. That shit should be illegal

  11. hrtgoeson says:

    Also what I see after lasik

  12. WanderingZed says:

    I knew I had a bit of astigmatism but this comparison helps me see so clearly the difference of what it’s like at night for me with and without glasses. Thanks for sharing.

  13. sadfroggie says:

    Yeah I cant drive at night its so bad. Those LED head lights were made out of satans butthole.

  14. Ena_Ems_17 says:

    hold on one fucking minute here people don’t see like that?!

  15. CharlotteLightNDark says:

    Well I’ve sure as hell got astigmatism then; and I love it that way! Night drives are everything!!
    Edit – as a passenger.

  16. csantam01 says:

    I have astigmatism, but I didn’t know the spiky lights are because of that! I though it only messed up with measuring distances

  17. Wtf i thought this was how everyone saw lights

  18. ThatAd6968 says:

    I guess I just thought everyone had astigmatism

  19. lusciouslou91 says:

    I had no idea I had an asigmatism until we talked about it in a biology class. I had been driving for years assuming everyone else has to really really try to see at night while driving.

  20. THALL_himself says:

    Wait…. The left isn’t normal? Shit.

  21. hat-of-sky says:

    Eh… Sort of.

    I wear glasses to drive which correct my astigmatism along with my nearsightedness, so I never see this, but it feels off.

    For a better description: I used to sit in church and tilt my head from side to side. One way, the vertical beam of the Cross was in focus and the horizontal bar was not. There wasn’t any obvious stretching or streaks, it was just blurry vs sharp. Then I would tilt the other way and the horizontal bar would come into focus as the vertical beam went fuzzy.

    It’s also very noticeable with printed letters, you can bring different parts into focus but not the whole letter at once. If you see a kid reading and tipping from side to side, you should get their eyes tested.

    Actually every kid should get their eyes tested yearly, and I don’t mean the five seconds at the regular doctor. Vision problems can fuck up their education and self-esteem in lasting and avoidable ways, and eye health issues left untreated can progress quickly.

  22. Mine is so much worse than that lol

  23. untouchable2025 says:

    I got laser eye surgery 2 months ago and I was amazed the first time driving at night. It’s felt like going from a 720p to full 4K. Not being blinded by the lights is amazing.

  24. busboy207 says:

    I’ve been nearsighted and told I have astigmatism since 1st grade. In all my years I’ve never known that’s what it was. I thought it was me being nearsighted that was causing the lights to do that without my glasses.

  25. WithnailsCoat says:

    Any of you fellow astigmatics do the thing with christmas tree lights, scrunch up eyes and move head side to side to make the lines move? No? Just me then

  26. I have pretty bad astigmatism and I usually just see two dots side by side if there’s actually only one dot. Also if there’s a pole in the distance I see two poles or no poles at all.

  27. cssmith2011cs says:

    So I thought how it looks on the left was normal because of how lights are portrayed in certain paintings, pictures or on certain videos. And then I learned that the right side was correct and normally people don’t see lights stringed out. Lol

  28. Alpha_Flight_2020 says:

    Oh shit…..

  29. ZookeepergameBig4449 says:

    Damn no wonder I hate driving at night.

  30. Cobster_Reddit says:

    I think I have that…

  31. OCE_Mythical says:

    Oh my fucking god, I didn’t know lights in the dark were meant to be clear.

  32. KitchenPrincess says:

    There is another way to see lights?

  33. PrestigeWrldWider says:

    I didn’t know I had astigmatism until right now.

  34. Damn, and I thought that’s just how everyone saw lights at night.

  35. reaganz921 says:

    Kinda crazy how little awareness there is about this. I found out I had astigmatism during a mushroom trip a decade ago. I kept telling my friends the light beams were reaching for us and they very placidly told me I had astigmatism, I hadn’t ever been taught what was.

    It’s annoying to drive at night, especially when it rains, and I think I must have it very badly because the picture on the left doesn’t do it any justice, but I tell myself that the lights dance for me and no one else (except the hundred people in this thread who just realized they have it too) :).

  36. Is that why I see those lines with certain lights? I never knew that

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