Homosexual castrated by parents – Talk about the gender Dark Ages

There is a little known history in America of castrating homosexuals, starting around the turn of the century. Even well into the 1960s, parents would commonly bring their son to a psychiatrist if they showed signs of being effeminate or if caught in a homosexual relationship or activity. Thousands of young men like this were involuntarily castrated, as homosexuality was still designated a mental illness, and parents put their sons under enormous pressure to accept castration surgery. If a homosexual fought the decision to have castration performed on him, he would typically be involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where the laws allowed involuntary asexualization. While in the mental institution, many were abused and heavily drugged, and discharged only after their surgery. The world has come a long way from a time when homosexuals were castrated against their will, to an era where many men are choosing to get themselves castrated voluntarily.

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