Hilarious Reviews of a Test Pattern on Netflix

The Netflix video was created in 2010 and stars “Actor” and “Actress,” according to the video’s Netflix page. It is described as “An example of a show” in the page’s summary.
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  • “Not as good as the book. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve pretty much seen the whole thing. I hope ‘Downscaling 2998fps: Too Down, Too Scaler’ is better.”
  • How this guy hasn’t gotten his own TV show by now is beyond us.
  • “This is truly some of the best acting I’ve ever seen Keanu Reeves do. Hands down.”
  • “Not since Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist has there been such a grim exploration of nihilism, peppered with gratuitous exploitation as ‘Test Pattern: Downscaling 2997fps 10Min.’ I found it beautiful and filthy with a soundtrack that puts Frozen‘s ‘Let it Go’ to shame.”
  • “I had not seen any of the previous test patterns, and I was afraid I would not ‘get’ this one. Boy was I wrong! Talk about exciting! Going in my list. I’ll be watching this one again!”
  • “I turned it off at 01:17:18. Pretty obvious where this thing was going. Really sad to see that cyan has resorted to doing test pattern work, another hue that started out with so much potential. The circle with the spinning colors showed promise and that ‘bleep’ sound was kinda clever.”
  • “What happened Netflix? A year or two ago your test patterns were good clean fun. Yes, you might attract more subscribers with this kind of material, but at what cost? You’re better than this Netflix!”
  • “I must say I didn’t like it for one simple reason. At 80 years old, when a man hears the sound of running water, he often can not move fast enough,” someone else wrote.
  • “Fantastic work. Creator is in top form here, and definitely got an amazing performance out of Actress. Actor did seem to be phoning it in a little, but from a veteran like that, even a B+ is outstanding. My only other complaint is about the nudity. It seemed a little gratuitous sometimes.” Point taken.
  • “Forget Arrested Development, this is the best Netflix Original series! I binge watched all the episodes in a day… Hopefully Actor will finally reveal plot to actress, but who knows with what Creator did during season 2. All I can say is, this is certainly a show,” one reviewer wrote.
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WARNING: The video is 11-minutes long