How girls really looks on instagram?

The state of women’s health and young girls starving themselves to get the size zero look. Plus hot girls think anything they do is awesome, and the likes just reinforce that.

Skinny Instagram Girls

Skinny Mirror Girls

Girls be like, “OMG. I’m SSSOOOOO fat.”

I hate that girls can’t document things on instagram that they find important without getting made fun of. It isn’t hurting you and it gives them a way to share and keep memories. And no, I don’t have an instagram. Personally I can’t imagine taking pictures all day everyday but I’m still not gonna make fun of the girls who do.

Girls on Instagram Be Like

Girls on Instagram Be Like

It was done by Social Media Manager Dana Herlihey. She created an Instagram profile for the Halloween skeleton she and her co-workers used to prank each other. The Skeleton is named Skellie and this is its profile: (you can see more photos here).

This is a rare album of skeletons just living their lives in peace. Really presents a more insightful look into the Skeleton War.