For All Mankind’s season 2 finale “is a nearly perfect wrap of a terrific season”

For All Mankind‘s season 2 finale was released on AppleTV+ today.

It’s an alternate history series exploring space.

Showrunner Ron Moore broke down five reasons why the finale was “fantastic.”

One of them is that “Every single storyline from this season pays off in the finale.”

So what happened?

Cosmonauts attempt to take over the American moon base after Marines on the moon killed a cosmonaut two episodes prior and brought a second injured cosmonaut – who now wants to defect – back to their base for treatment.

US and USSR come together for a “handshake in space” to try and ease international tensions. Go, Dani!

Astronaut Ed Baldwin fires missiles at the U.S.’s Sea Dragon rocket to avoid getting in a space fight with the Soviets over in another shuttle.

Gordo and Tracy Stevens sacrifice themselves for their fellow astronauts and for the future of space exploration on the moon.

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And lots more. It was pretty packed.