Fat loss Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorist unite! There is a new fat reduction conspiracy that may just have several merit. The theory is that the well being sector, especially the weight loss industry, does not want you to shed pounds. In theory, the conspiracy says that the health industry, as well as doctors, want you extra fat and obese because of intense profits made from treating being overweight and the resulting illnesses of which obesity can cause.

Here are just some of the conspiracy theorists thought processes.

They think the makers regarding fad diet pills, miracle prescription drugs and special diet pills realize that the fatter you are the extra likely you are to keep buying some. Obviously, these products don’t job or there would be no need for the modern and improved versions of which appear endlessly on cabinets and in magazines. Not only do you retain getting fatter, so do their very own bank accounts!

By remaining over weight you are more likely to develop selected medical conditions later in life. Conditions which have been very profitable for health professionals who treat them.

The pattern will continue. You have fatter, you buy more wonder drugs, need expensive medical center stays and treatments…and so they get wealthier and richer! If they are lucky, you will go away the same traits down to your young ones and keep the cycle intending.

Thankfully, a lady doctor by Arizona has blown often the lid off this conspiracy theory theory. She has discovered that often the plaque and parasitic pests in the human bowel pathway is the main reason we still cannot lose weight. This doctor’s weight loss secret and exposure regarding why the health industry wishes to keep you fat is being hit with tremendous resistance. She states have received death threats intended for exposing this important information.

The doctor, Suzanne Gudakunst, started her study into how colon and digestive anatomy’s absorption of nutritional food items affect the human body. Quite inadvertently, she discovered that the oral plaque buildup and parasite in the by a bowel tract were present in more than 95% of all Americans. Chronically overweight people with this condition could not shed pounds regardless of how hard they dieted or exercised. But, once the condition was treated together with corrected they begin to lose weight quickly!

This weight loss conspiracy is usually gaining ground. It type of makes sense when you think about it. Money as well as the greed for more money make weight loss industry one of the most lucrative industries around. Why would likely they want to kill their goose that is laying all those extra fat, golden eggs?

Source by simply Steve Kettle

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