Truly False Facts That Everyone Believes


1. Bulls Are Enraged By The Colour Red

2. Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice.

3. You Can’t Fold A Piece Of Paper In Half More Than 7 Times.

4.Christopher Columbus Discovered America.

5.Eating Less Than An Hour Before Swimming Increases The Risk Of Muscle Cramps And Drowning

6. Body Heat Dissipates Mainly Through the Head.

7. The Great Wall of China Is the Only Man-made Object Visible from Space.

8. Glass Is a Slow-moving Liquid.

9. Mother Birds Will Abandon Babies if You Touch Them.

10. Different Parts of Your Tongue Detect Different Tastes.

11. People Thought the World Was Flat Before Columbus.

12. Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue.

13. Chameleons Change Color to Blend in with Surroundings.

14. Humans Have Five Senses.