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Why has Wonder Woman never had a wardrobe malfunction with her corset?

In addition to all the other answers, I want to say that it is evidence that you have never had much experience with corsets. As someone who has extensive experience with women wearing corsets, if they are properly put on, it is not easy to have a “wardrobe malfunction” in that, good luck getting a breast to pop out, even if you’re trying. Those thing are tight and if they are fitted properly, aren’t going to shift much at all.

What’s more, while most corsets tend to flatten the breasts, Wonder Woman’s tend to shape around them, making the likelihood of them popping out even more unlikely. I suggest, if you are not a woman, try assisting a (consenting) woman in taking them on and off at some point. You’ll see that they aren’t just going to pop off.

That’s on top of the fact that she is basically a magic god and it would be trivial for her to not have her clothing fall off.

What is Wonder Woman’s weakness?

Fitness model Sara Solomon dressed up as Wonder Woman

Fitness model Sara Solomon dressed up as Wonder Woman

The first is that while she is durable enough that most bludgeoning and some slashing weapons don’t do much to her, piercing weapons completely bypass her resistance meaning it only takes one well placed bullet to kill her (Assuming she doesn’t stop it with one of her bracelets.

The second is that if she were to break any of her godly gifts (breaking the lasso of truth, snapping her sword in half, melting her crown) she has all of her powers stripped from her and is left completely mortal as well as rapidly aging her.

A scientific explanation for feeling sad after sex

Feeling sad after having sex is scientifically called post coital dysporia (PCD), which is usually expressed in the process or after having sex. During this time you will feel sad, anxious and uneasy. Generally speaking, there are three reasons for this situation.

  1. Social factors. When we were young, we heard the signal that “sex is shameful” from adults, so after the passion faded, we would be bound by shame and morality and fall into uncontrollable sadness. Or it’s a one night stand or an extramarital affair. Calm down and your inner self blame makes you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Bad sexual experience in the past. For example, you’ve been sexually assaulted, or you’ve met a very bad partner. Bad experiences in the past lead to PTSD.
  3. The decrease of dopamine level in the body. In the process of having sex, our body will secrete dopamine and oxytocin, making people extremely happy. But afterwards, we will also feel sudden sadness because of the rapid decline of dopamine level.

Of course, the possibility of feeling sad after having sex is not limited to these three. For example, feeling unsatisfied, or suddenly starting to worry about two people’s emotional state, can lead to post anxiety disorder. However, these feelings will be very individual and related to many emotions of the day, so we don’t do too much.

All in all, feeling sad after sex is not as simple as affectation. There may be psychological reasons or physiological reasons. We can’t use “it must be that I don’t love him” to explain all the reasons for being sad afterwards.


Saddam Hussein published a best-selling romance novel

Saddam Hussein, the fifth president of Iraq, was considered a dictator in the political world. The man who was the most feared due to his invasion of Kuwait by claiming to help the Kuwaitis had written a best-selling romance novel. Yes, you read that right! Beyond the entirety of his negative political front, Hussein’s heart resided inside the novel of “Zabibah and the King”. Although the novel was published anonymously in the year 2000, it was later found that ghostwriters had written the book under the direct supervision of Saddam Hussein. The novel comprises of a romance between a powerful ruler and a common girl, Zabibah. Furthermore, the book is a metaphor describing real life issues where the ruler is portrayed to be Hussein and the girl represents the Iraqi people.

When do women start getting more horny?

Recent research has shown that using the fMRI machine they can tell where in the brain various things like reading may actually occur in the brain. Using this incredible machine they had men and women masturbate in this type of machine and found some amazing things about male and female sexuality in the research accomplished at various projects around the world.

Males masturbating in the machine took about 6 minutes to achieve orgasm and ejaculation that lasted 6 seconds. The real shocker was that all this transpired in the animal brain below the human brain and attributed to every mammal on earth that is not human.

Females preforming similar activity in the fMRI machine showed that it required 11 minutes to achieve orgasm. It lasted 20 seconds, but it was determined that it was experienced in the entire brain including the human brain, especially the cerebrum not found in other mammals. There were women who lost control of their arms and legs during orgasm, because their brain was occupied by the orgasm.

Finally men were discovered that they were required to go through all four stages of orgasm before they could experience another orgasm. Some only required 10–15 minutes to resolve and prepare again for another orgasm. Yet some men are genetically unable to resolve for as long as 14–15 days. These are the men who orgasm and then fall asleep.

Women however were determined in this 1960’s research to be able to orgasm in some cases continuously, but if not then repeatedly and finally resolve after all these orgasms are accomplished. The 1950’s research of Kinsey, PhD shows that women are very infrequently have penis in vagina (PIV) sex, but rather from masturbation by herself or from a partner. 29% vs 54%.

The last thing that makes women the sexual champions in this world is that using the fMRI machine they showed some women could relax and focus on their sexual fantasies that are usually much more elaborate than anything a male might consider a sexual fantasy. Without touching their genitalia they were able to have an fMRI confirmed orgasm that was as intense as anything seen with masturbation. They are now teaching this technique to women who suffered a spinal injury, and have no communication with their genitalia.

Did Amber Heard really cheat on Johnny Depp with Elon Musk?

When Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp she was caught in an elevator’s CCTV in Johnny’s penthouse, cuddling with Elon Musk and even though they claim it was only after Amber and Johnny separated that they started their relationship, Johnny says it started one month after his marriage to Amber.

After she and Johnny split, they made their relationship public and a year later they broke up, even though they apparently remain friends. He became a father this year, to a baby boy, with the singer Grimes. Their baby is called “X Æ A-Xii Musk”. Try saying that 3 times.

Johnny Depp has subpoenaed Musk’s texts with Amber as part of his defamation case against her that will start next May.

The unreal scenes in the following movies are really incredible

1. No matter what kind of building ventilation duct is a perfect hiding place. No one ever thought of you hiding there. And you can move to other parts of the building unimpeded.

2. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from the window of any room in Paris.

3. In a gunfight, a person fighting against twenty people is usually easier to hit the target than twenty people fighting against one person.

4. If you want to dance in the street, the people you meet will know how to dance.

5. All time bombs have red time readings, you can know when they explode.

6. As long as you work hard enough, you can escape the explosion site.

7. The car in the accident must explode.

8. All the sheets on the L-shaped bed just reach the woman’s armpit, but for the man sleeping next to her, it only reaches the waist.

9. All clocks and watches are synchronized to the second.

10. No matter how blurred the photo is, the details can be clearly displayed after zooming in.

11. People speak English no matter where they come from, even aliens who have never been to the earth and have seen humans.

12. There is always a doctor who can provide appropriate medical assistance in the airplane or the house.

13. A father who is busy with work always forgets his son’s birthday.

14. Many musical instruments can be played without moving fingers.

15. Most people have the habit of collecting newspaper clippings. Especially his family or friends who died in a strange shipwreck.

16 Even if you are driving on a straight road, you must turn the steering wheel left and right from time to time.

17. TV news will always broadcast the story that touched you at the most accurate time.

18. The police station always conducts personality tests on their officers so that they can arrange a partner with completely opposite personalities.

19. All British people live in London.

20.75% of Americans live in New York or Los Angeles. The remaining 25% are racially violent country people, native mountain people or militants on the outskirts of the city.

21. All Australians live in sparsely populated inland areas.

22. The car flying off the cliff always explodes in mid-air for no reason.

23. If someone shoots at you with a fully automatic weapon, just run behind the railing to ensure that the bullet can only hit the pillar.

24. People rarely use toilets. Once used, it means he will die in a few minutes.

25. A power grid sufficient to kill a dinosaur usually does not cause serious harm to an 8-year-old boy! (“Jurassic Park”)

26. You can start the car with the key as soon as you enter the car. But in an emergency, I don’t know where the key is.

27. If you type an incorrect password on someone else’s computer, the system will give you some hints so that you can guess the other parts.

28. Blood relatives usually look very different from each other.

29. Monsters are always approaching you sneakily, no matter how huge or clumsy he is.

30. In a shootout, stick your head out of the bunker and never get hit. Especially when you have to turn your head back and talk to the person behind you.

31. Splash a cup of black coffee or cold water on your face to wake up the drunk.

32. No matter how badly the spacecraft is damaged, the internal gravity system is always intact

33. A million dollars in cash or cocaine is always just the size of your suitcase.

Why are there so few NC-17 rated movies?

Initially, an 18+ rating didn’t seem like such a bad idea. There is a large demographic of movie goers who want that raw, explicit form of cinema, and there were movie subjects that needed that cried out for that very same nature. So came the birth of NC-17.

It also didn’t help that one of the first big NC-17 rated movie to be advertised commercially was one of the most controversial and pornographic movies, Showgirls.

For some odd reason, some people are claiming that this is now some sort of hidden masterpiece?

With a reputation as one of the worst films ever created, a recipient of 8 Razzie awards, and a career-killer for anyone who featured in this movie, Showgirls ended up tarnishing NC-17 for a long time.

It became the highest-grossing NC-17 film in the US, but not without this rating becoming instantly synonymous with explicit and mostly degrading films. This film dethroned any chance at this rating being pushed positively by anyone.

Studios wouldn’t want to produce these films in fear of being associated with the type of movie it was. Directors who wanted to make movies with this rating would see their promotion budget disappear, TV channels refuse to air them, theatres refuse to play them, and retail chains refused to sell them.

So in order to keep the film box office relevant they would often shave off explicit content to aim for a R rating instead.

We saw this in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street which underwent massive changes to force it down to an R (which somehow it got away with, nice one Marty)

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street

We also saw this in Quentin Taratino’s Kill Bill which was deemed too bloody and violent for audiences. To combat this, parts of the film were shown in Black and White and chunks of bloody action was cut.

Now clearly, the directors did not want to have scenes cut and disrupt their original vision but studios insisted due to the massive difference in success of R and NC-17.

Quentin Taratino’s Kill Bill

To put it in perspective – Showgirls, the highest grossing NC-17 film earned 32 million dollars worldwide.

The highest grossing R film, Joker made 1.074 billion

So now the rating only had two uses: Either the movie had no choice but to stick with an NC-17 rating or directors took advantage of the empty market and purposely created their film to get an NC-17 for free publicity.

Apart from that the rating serves no purpose. Its label is forever tarnished and its box office results are less than passable and a great shame at that. Some films could’ve majorly benefited from it but felt it was too risky to go ahead with it.