Facts About Sex That They Didn’t Teach You In High School

panties down
panties down

panties down

1: Pumpkin has some hidden benefits for men.

2: People used crocodile dung as contraception in the early days.

3: A special contest for small penises

4: Having sex more often can increase your earnings.

5: These penis curses look creepy.

6: Housework turns off men for sure.

7: Get fat and last longer.

8: The vagina is capable of doing wonders.

9: So I guess erections are related to your earnings.

10: Sex causes a lot of destruction.

11: Nearly 33% of Americans get injured while making love.

12: That’s work too, right?

13: So now kinkiness is regarded as healthy.

14: The female ejaculation mostly consists of pee.

15: Semen makes one happy.

16: There were spiny penises in the past.

17: Men have a lot of information stored in their balls.

18: The spinal cord is responsible for ejaculation.

19: Older people like it oral.