Facebook Rage Faces! Troll Face, Forever Alone,…

Rage Faces Facebook

Facebook users can add rage faces to the Facebook’s chat.

All the most popular rage face images together, in high resolution!
Rage Faces and Facebook

The trick works because people have started creating fake accounts and added rage faces as profile photos. The number in the brackets are Facebook account IDs.

To make the faces pop up in Facebook chat, you’ve just got to type the right combination of numbers. You’ll never have to type out your emotions again! Just copy and paste those numbers, and save your self from any and all inconvenient textual communication.

Rage Faces
Rage Faces

Not Bad [[NotBaad]].
Troll face [[171108522930776]].
ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME [[143220739082110]].
Not bad Obama [[169919399735055]].
Me Gusta [[211782832186415]].
Mother of God [[142670085793927]].
Cereal Guy [[170815706323196]].
LOL Face [[168456309878025]].
NO Guy [[167359756658519]].
Yao Ming [[218595638164996]].
Derp [[224812970902314]]
Derpina [[192644604154319]]
Forever Alone [[177903015598419]].
Fuck yeah [[105387672833401]].
Challange accepted: [[100002727365206]].
Poker face [[129627277060203]]
Forever Alone [[227644903931785]]
OK guy [[100002752520227]]
Lol guy [[189637151067601]]
Fuck Yeah [[105387672833401]]
Problem? [[171108522930776]]

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