English was as soon as a language for “commoners,” whereas the British elites spoke French

Regardless of the severity with which some up to date English-speakers vehemently assault “incorrect” makes use of of the language, English used to belong to the folks. Within the early life of the language, it was solely spoken by “commoners,” whereas the English courts and aristocracy largely spoke in French. This was because of the Norman Invasion of 1066 and induced years of division between the “gents” who had adopted the Anglo-Norman French and those that solely spoke English. Even the famed King Richard the Lionheart was truly primarily referred to in French, as Richard “Coeur de Lion.”

To additional mess together with your preconceptions in regards to the English language, the “British accent” was truly created after the Revolutionary Warfare, which means up to date People sound extra just like the colonists and British troopers of the 18th century than up to date Brits. After all, accents range vastly by area, however the “BBC English” or public faculty English accent (which appears like Austin Powers) didn’t come about till the nineteenth century and was initially adopted by individuals who wished to sound fancier.

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