Effective Way to Shut Down Telemarketers


Next time a telemarketer calls. Tell them you are working the front desk for the above company. Then tell them that you are currently running a special on original Artwork. They can receive 1 random artwork for $100. or if they sign up for the Patron Package for a mere $1000 they will receive 1 random original artwork a month for 1 year, saving them a whopping $200.

If they have not hung up this time hit them with this…

For a mere $25,000. They can sign up for the lifetime package. 1 random original artwork a month for the life of the artist.Shipping and handling is the sole responsibility of the Receiver.

If they are still on the phone after this
Get their Paypal, Creditcard, or bank account information and Sign them up.
Congratulation. You just became what you hate but finally got better than them at it!

Most of the time the Telemarketer or collection agency (and you do have to get past the machine to an actual person) will have your number marked as a business line.