Dialog with a customs man at airport

“What’s your nationality?”
“You might be Canadian?”
“My passport says so.”
“However the place are you actually from?”
“You imply, the place do I stay?”
“You don’t stay in Canada?”
“Oh, so the place do you reside?”
“Tehran? You’re from Iran?”
“The place is that?”
“In Saudi Arabia.”
“Oh, you’re Saudi Arabian?”
“No, I stay there.”
“If you’re not Saudi, so, the place are you actually from? I imply, initially.”
“You imply, the place was I born?”
“I used to be born in Calgary, Canada.”
“No, I imply, the place is your loved ones from? The place have been they born?”
“They’re from Hyderabad.”
“The place is that?”
“Oh, you’re Indian! So, why do you converse English with no accent?”
“What do you imply?”
“You converse American English.”
“I’ve gone to American faculties.”
“In India?”
“No, in Saudi Arabia.”
“However you’re Indian?”
“Sure, my household is from India.”
“India! I really like India! The Hindus are such a good looking faith of peace! However why do you’ve got a Christian title, Sarah? Are you Christian?”
“No. Sarah can also be a Muslim title.”
“Oh. You might be Muslim? I believed you stated you’re Indian?”
“There are Muslims in India.”
“However you don’t appear to be a Muslim!”
“What does a Muslim appear to be?”
“I don’t know. Like an Arab?”
“Not all Muslims are Arab. Most Muslims aren’t Arab.”
“However you reside in Saudi Arabia?”
“Do you converse Arabic?”
“Why not? I believed you stated you reside in Saudi Arabia.”
“We don’t stay with Saudis in Saudi Arabia. It isn’t permitted by the Firm my father works for. And, the American faculty in Saudi Arabia I’m going to—it doesn’t enable for Arabic to be taught there.”
“What language do you converse at residence?”
“However Urdu is the language of Pakistan, not India.”
“Urdu is spoken in India.”
“Sure, sure, however if you’re Urdu talking meaning you actually belong to Pakistan.”
“However, my kin stay in India.”
“Did any of your dad and mom stay in Pakistan?”
“Sure. My father did, for just a few years.”
“Then, meaning you’re Pakistani.”
“However I’ve by no means lived in Pakistan. I’ve solely been there as soon as.”
“That doesn’t matter. You aren’t Indian. You need to say you’re Pakistani.”

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