Damien Walters : Release Bungee Jump

bungee jump
bungee jump

This is Damien Walters, he has a YouTube channel check it out if you want to see cool shit you wish you could do. He does a ton of parkour, plus he’s a former Olympic gymnast. Dude is a serious beast, so he might be Spider-man?

Imagine bungee jumping without being strapped in. That’s exactly what British gymnast, Damien Walters, accomplished in a recent YouTube video. The Hollywood stuntman has been behind the scenes in the likes of Skyfall, Kingsman, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America and Kick-Ass, but he insists his latest stunt, the first ever hold and release bungee jump, is “one of the most scary things I’ve done.” Now, there’s no doubt that this video is cool, but be prepared for a bit – a freakin’ shitload – of overhyping in the build up and aftermath of the clip itself. There’s enough slow-mo in this feature to make even John Woo cringe, and it probably would’ve made for a better watch had he just uploaded the raw footage.

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Hold & Release Bungee Jump