Cute girls playing video games? That is irony

This is not irony.

She’s playing ping pong on the TV instead of on the ping pong table because there’s no one else to physically be there and play it with her.

Now, if there were TWO people playing ping pong on the TV…maybe a stronger case for irony.

While this picture is ironic, I kick ass at Wii ping pong and am horrible at regular ping pong

While this picture is pure irony, I kick ass at Wii ping pong and am horrible at regular ping pong

This is not an example of irony. Rain on your wedding day is not ironic. Choosing to not get married in Seattle to avoid rain, and instead having the ceremony in Phoenix, only for it to rain all day is an example of irony. 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife is not irony. Going to a knife factory and in the break room they do not have any knives for you to cut your bagel with is irony. Its basically when the opposite of what you would expect happens. For this picture a better example of irony would be that they took the precaution of wearing the wristband to prevent breaking the tv or the wiimote, but they got too aggressive, tripped over the mattress and broke the ping pong table.

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