Comedy Writing – Readers Love It When Humor Hits Close to Home

Comedy posts are about being able to tell a tale or express an opinion that the audience can relate to. The greater emotional the connection, the funnier it gets, especially if alcoholic beverages will be involved. The challenge is writing humorous pieces that will hits a chord together with your readers. The best way is to think of a premise that holds real truth, or some of it at least, to the target audience.

A premise is essentially a statement that will be your foundation trust. For example, marriage is a lot like long term prostitution. Married guys, who are the sole breadwinners, is going to enthusiastically say, “Hell that’s why!” to this bold declaration. Women will probably take criminal offense. Of course, it is a bit of a good exaggeration but it does have a good emotional impact, be it damaging or positive. It also appeals to attention, which is half often the battle in comedy publishing. The premise needs to get your readers’ attention, kinda like hailing a taxi cab during run hour. Once you get on the inside, you can take them for a journey.

A good premise might be based on but not limited to the next:

1. Pain. Everyone is able to relate to pain because toy trucks all felt it. You possibly can talk about heartbreaks, lousy careers, shattered dreams, being obese, or any other type of agony. Just steer clear of terminal diseases.

3. Experience. Stories can be humorous but you have to structure these questions way where there are actual impact lines. So the key is to discuss something that really happened to you personally but add a bit of hyperbole and misdirection to make it humorous so you get your reader to stay stitches saying, “That is very funny because it is so accurate! It happened to me too!”

4. Stating the obvious. Sometimes simply telling something the way it can be can be funny. Everybody’s imagining it but nobody contains the guts to say it. As though you write about Michelle Obama looking like a Ferengi by Star Trek, that would be humorous. Or maybe it’s just a person who thinks that. Would certainly be surprised at how afraid individuals are in order to point out the obvious.

So to reiterate, when writing humourous material, come up with an statement or premise that is real and spice it up along with how you feel about it. Then illustrate on that idea together with explore the different facets which make it funny. The rest will follow.

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