Canadian Stereotypes : Really cute and funny

Captain Canada
Oh! Captain Canada - SORRY
Oh! Captain Canada – SORRY

Here’s the answer to people who act ignorant about Canada and Canadian Stereotypes.The mounties like to stay in Eskimo igloo motels for just a loonie or a toonie a night. There seems to be a lot of Canadian stereotypes out there.

Canadians Say Eh!

When introducing yourself as a Canadian, chances are someone will announce “eh” in some form or another. It’s a long standing stereotype that Canadians say “eh” (pronounced “A” like the “a” in “ape”) after every sentence, questions, and pretty much any other statement they could make.

Canadians Say “Aboot”

When you see movies or television shows depicting Canadians, many of the characters pronounce about as “aboot.” However, this is a very, very small population of individuals that have such an accent and pronounce it this way. No matter where you travel, people will speak differently. It’s aboot time for a Molson Eh?

Canadians Travel on Moose

The moose is certainly a Canadian icon and many Canadians endure the same cold weather living as polar bears, so it would only make sense that they travel via moose.

Canadians Put Maple Syrup On Everything

Nonetheless, Canadian maple syrup is a fantastic side for pancakes and a great topping for several other dishes. Canada should be proud for producing such a fine, tasty, and world famous condiment.

Canadians Worship The Beaver

The beaver is a cute, fury animal and many Canadians do like them. However, they are not worshipped by Canadians any more than the citizens of another country.

Canadians Are The Friendliest People

Most Canadians are very friendly, war, and welcoming. Why wouldn’t they be? The air and views are beautiful, there are a ton of places to explore and adventures to be had. Canadians have a lot to be happy about and this is probably a huge reason as to why they’re so friendly.

Canadians Always Wear Toques

A lot of areas in Canada, particularly in the Winter, can get quite cold and these devices come in quite handy for keeping one warm. It just so happens that most people probably refer to them as winter hats rather than toques.

Canadians Drink A Lot of Beer

It is quite cold in Canada most of the year and beer does help one to stay warm. For many citizens, a frequently practiced ritual is a hockey game, good company, and some cold beer.

Canadians Have Hockey Rinks In Their Backyards

I am going to bet that most Canadians wish this Canadian stereotype were true. However, it is only the case for the very few lucky families that have the room and can afford such a luxury. In conclusion, not all Canadians have a hockey rink in their backyard, but nearly all of them wish they could.

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