The First Camera Phone Picture – Who first put a camera in a cell phone?

Jumping ahead a century with an equally important image is the first cellular camera phone. In 1997, while in the hospital after the birth of her daughter, a man named Philippe Kahn software entrepreneur wanted to capture and share an image of Sophie in real time. He connected a digital camera to his flip phone using some original lines of code. After honing his prototype, Sharp first used the technology then to change the world.

Philippe Kahn is credited with the creation of the camera phone in 1997. On 11 June this year, Kahn took the first photo “camera phone” of his newborn daughter in a maternity ward, and then transmitted wirelessly photo more than 2,000 people worldwide. Since “camera phones” existed at that time, Kahn hacked together a primitive combining digital and cell phone camera to send photos in real time.

Kahn then begin LightSurf, a company that has considerable influence in picture messaging. The LightSurf technology is still used by Sprint, Verizon and other major carriers worldwide.

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