As soon as You Learn These 12 Freaky Theories About House, You Gained’t Sleep At Evening

Our photo voltaic system is an enchanting place. It’s our little neighborhood within the infinite Universe, and we’re nonetheless discovering new issues about it. There are some theories about our photo voltaic system, nevertheless, that many individuals really feel have been hidden from the general public, stored secret by authorities organizations.

Whereas some conspiracy theories can appear extra true than others, they nonetheless make you concentrate on the methods through which these in energy could also be maintaining secrets and techniques from the remainder of us. House is a reasonably fascinating place, however possibly there are issues which have occurred or are occurring in our photo voltaic system that we’re not speculated to find out about? Most shrink back from conspiracy theories, however possibly some theories deserve a second look…

1. The Lucifer Challenge

The Lucifer Project


Some area conspiracy theorists consider {that a} NASA mission to guard the moons of Jupiter, was truly a preliminary check for the Lucifer Challenge, which is a plot to show Jupiter into one other Solar.

2. The Velikovsky Idea

The Velikovsky Theory


A person named Immanuel Velikovskywrote a e book about his principle that lots of the cataclysmic occasions within the Bible actually did happen, however had been brought on by celestial our bodies having an impact on the Earth.



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HAARP stands for Excessive Frequency Lively Auroral Analysis Program, a U.S. Authorities program meant for the examine of the ionosphere. After a Russian Mars probe was unable to depart the ambiance, some advised that HAARP was used as a consequence of Chilly Battle tensions to cease the probe from reaching its mission.

4. The Eye of Saturn

The Eye of Saturn

Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

This large anomaly on the north pole of Saturn has lots of people scratching their heads. Some have scrutinized pictures of the Eye of Saturn and observed geometric shapes and patterns, resulting in some ideas of an odd mythological energy on the heart of the attention.

5. The Moon Touchdown

The Moon Landing


Maybe the most well-liked of all area conspiracy theories is that the footage of the primary moon touchdown in 1969 is faux. Theorists declare that when you take a look at the video carefully, it turns into apparent that the movie just isn’t from the moon, however from a soundstage.

6. Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope


Some say that in efforts to cowl up the truth that no human has ever been to the moon, NASA has refused to make use of the Hubble telescope to take footage of the moon rovers left behind from earlier missions. Theorists are suspicious seeing as this could be a easy method for NASA to quell any doubts in regards to the moon touchdown.

7. Comet Touchdown

Comet Landing


The European House Company achieved a exceptional feat after they efficiently docked the Philae lander on a comet. Attributable to odd circumstances across the occasion (together with the ESA claiming to have heard unusual sounds coming from the comet) theorists argue that the comet was truly an alien object.

8. Local weather Change All through the Photo voltaic System

Climate Change Throughout the Solar System


Some theorists counsel that whereas local weather change is occurring on planet Earth, there’s additionally proof of local weather change on different planets in our photo voltaic system, main them to theorize that the reason for local weather change is within the photo voltaic system itself.

9. President Obama Has Been To Mars

President Obama Has Been To Mars


By far our favourite, this conspiracy principle means that again within the Eighties, Barack Obama was a part of an elite crew that was teleported to Mars in an effort to make contact with Martians.

10. Life On Mars Was Wiped Out By A Nuclear Explosion

Life On Mars Was Wiped Out By A Nuclear Explosion


A couple of theorists consider that there was a complete Martian civilization on Mars, however due to a <a href=”” goal=”_blank”>nuclear occasion</a>, all life on the planet was destroy and the planet was left barren.

11. Human Colony on Mars

Human Colony on Mars


An alleged former NASA worker who recognized herself as “Jackie” claimed that she had seen proof that we had began colonies on Mars years in the past. She didn’t specify whether or not the colonies contained Martians, people, or each and judging by her different principle, the assaults on 9/11 had been holograms, we’re not so certain we belief her…

12. NASA Lower Off Reside Feed

NASA Cut Off Live Feed


Throughout a reside feed of Earth’s ambiance, an odd object appeared simply above the Earth, and NASA rapidly <a href=”” goal=”_blank”>lower off the feed</a>. Some argue that this was NASA attempting to cowl up a UFO sighting.

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Whereas a few of these definitely appear somewhat far-fetched, they’re all attention-grabbing to consider. Even when you don’t consider in conspiracy theories, they’ll nonetheless be fairly enjoyable. It does make you surprise, if we had been to make contact with life in area, would we be informed about it?

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