Anna Nicole Smith’s Sudden Death is Unexplainable

Anna Nicole Smith’s death fascinates me. For one reason the public a reaction to the death is as strong as the death itself. The general public craves to know why a lot more she died. We want to responsibility something. A sudden death results in people with many unanswered inquiries and it can affect grieving for several years. The idea that a death can take place for no apparent factor is just unacceptable.

As an authorized clinical social worker that thought I was well trained around death and dying troubles, I was stumped when my better half died at age 35 virtually the same way as Anna Nicole. Mike was nearly thirty five, tall thin and healthy and balanced and his heart just ceased. It all happened in an instant. There initially were no drugs. No alcohol consumption. No answers. 18 many years have passed since that will tragedy and I am remains to be having unanswered questions.

I suspect the same will happen with Anna Nicole Smith. Now how do we cope when we are not able to explain? How do we reach an even of acceptance that at times we just don’t have all the answers? How do we heal suffering and loss when it’s inexplicable?

Many years since my own tragedy tells me that our career is in need of tools to help people handle the unexplainable. I found a few answers through organizing bears into a model to help treat pain. I haven’t noticed anything work any better.

I don’t claim to have all on the answers. Does anybody? Occasionally there just aren’t replies. We don’t know. We still cannot explain the unexplainable of the sudden death. Our objective as treatment providers is always to help reach a level regarding acceptance of that which we now have no answers.

Anna Nicole Smith’s death remains a good mystery. While an autopsy is being conducted, I believe when it’s all said in addition to done so much about this damage will continue to puzzle us all. It’s time to help people discover how to reach acceptance when we cannot explain it all.

Anna Nicole Smith, may you maintain peace and may the public attain a level of acceptance for your which we have no replies.

Source by Tammy Stoner

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