Americans and their love of democracy dilemma

By definition, democracy is a system of government where people choose their rulers ( representatives) by voting for them in elections. So, if we are not voting for our senators, and house of representatives, are we really “democratic” as we claim to be? I don’t think so. Yet, we are too quick to judge other countries.

I don’t know about you but I feel like my votes ain’t shit these days. Companies and big money interests choose who is going to represent me in Congress or worse in the White House. Yet, we criticise about other countries’ systems of governments. Oftentimes, when we can, we even want to bring our “ democracy” to them by force.

Shoving democratic ideals under their throat until it is too much. Before you know it, they start throwing up for years. In the end, it hurts them worse than they used to be ( Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, the list goes on). Can we leave other countries alone and let them deal with their problems? We don’t help. We make it worse.

In fact, the only thing that is keeping us afloat is the free market enterprise and the entrepreneurial system we got. The moment we lose that, we will start sinking. Today, I can’t say that (with a straight face) that our “free-market” system is not under attack already. It is not perfect, but it is the least of all evils to be tried in the history of the world. Haha! We have no choice but to keep it in my opinion.

The last time we made a real difference was in WW II. After that, it’s been a disaster for “ us” and “ them”. Yet, wars after wars, we have not learned. Our veterans and their families pay the heaviest price. When they come home, we barely give them the care they deserve. Look at the VA system and how we treat our wounded warriors. Our heroes who put their lives on line for our behalf.

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