A Visual Display of a Magnetic Field

A Visual Display of a Magnetic Field

A Visual Display of a Magnetic Field

A Visual Display of a Magnetic Field from interestingasfuck

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41 thoughts on “A Visual Display of a Magnetic Field

  1. special_orange says:

    The first one with the magnet bouncing, looks just like magnetic fields in a physics textbook. This is an awesome visualization of magnetic fields!

  2. Apophis_406 says:

    Now THAT is IAF. Who knew magnetic fields are so attractive!


    i love it when all the electrons in an object point in the same direction

  4. EssoEssex says:

    Would be dope if the magnets were spherical and painted like the Earth.

  5. the_real_Phoenix says:

    We’ve all seen the diagrams in school, but to see it active in a real circumstance is much more interesting

  6. 1981greasyhands says:

    And now I can go to sleep . Dreaming of magnetic lines

  7. chriskemnitz says:

    Reminds me of death magnetic.

  8. JediChickenLeg says:

    *Metallica – Death Magnetic has joined the chat*

  9. That’s pretty much me expressing any opinion in public

  10. dv73272020 says:

    Very cool. What’s surprising is how far the effects of the magnet reaches. Now imagine that in zero G.

  11. sinisterbusiness says:

    I wanted that one to do a full flip so bad

  12. Anyone know what’s up with this flair? I’ve never seen it here at IAF

    Very cool post. Are submissions being certified now?

  13. killersquid92 says:

    Now this is just a genius idea for a video

  14. Zachadelic612 says:

    If you do LSD and listen to the Grateful Dead this also happens.

  15. Lazy_Laugh2597 says:

    Am I the only who watched this and thought “ this looks exactly like how a black hole would look but on a smaller scale”

    Note, I am in fact not a science major so if I am schooled by a scholar on how ridiculous that thought is.. I appreciate constructive criticism and apologize for my idiocy.

  16. This, plus a camera spinning around.

  17. Woah I wish I had this during my highschool physics years.

  18. The_Love-Tap says:

    Now to try to get someone to be just as attracted to me as those pieces of fine metal are attracted to those huge buldging magnets

  19. glitterbombdotcom says:

    There’s something very attractive about this

  20. mindfulmiss says:

    Where’d you get that picture of me and my husband?

  21. Interesting_Fix_929 says:

    Fascinating and a very effective demonstration! Wish our education systems would include such content. It would inspire so many young people to take up Science!

    This one is a Masterpiece!

    Thank you very much!

  22. Inevitable-Currents says:

    That IS interesting as fuck

  23. itsYourLifeCoach says:

    why even is physics

  24. simplyundebateable says:

    Interesting and oddly satisfying.

  25. Bobby_Mcschloppy says:

    magnets are weird

  26. Cyberz0id says:

    So how are the metal shavings removed from the magnet?

  27. arunkm2112 says:

    So accurate.. its just beautiful

  28. R-Larry-J says:

    If they did this in space you could see the magnetic field even more clearly

  29. DGalamay30 says:

    Now we gotta see it in zero G

  30. RexRipper says:

    Those curves made my day

  31. I’ve always wondered, how do they remove the iron pellets?

  32. VitaminZebra says:

    I wonder just how high..other people thought the first people to talk about the patterns in a magnetic field were.

  33. Jethro_Cohen says:

    I don’t think I ever really realized what I was looking at in all those images of earth’s (and other planets, stars, etc.) magnetic field. Thanks for this!

  34. bodhiseppuku says:

    I love the polar separation. The video shows distinctive “figure eights” showing the north and south poles.

  35. Foxydemon911 says:

    Wow that is whatever art like

  36. smokeyoudog says:

    Fucking magnets, how do they w….oh.

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