A scientific explanation for feeling sad after sex

woman in red panty lying on bed
feeling sad after sex

Feeling sad after having sex is scientifically called post coital dysporia (PCD), which is usually expressed in the process or after having sex. During this time you will feel sad, anxious and uneasy. Generally speaking, there are three reasons for this situation.

  1. Social factors. When we were young, we heard the signal that “sex is shameful” from adults, so after the passion faded, we would be bound by shame and morality and fall into uncontrollable sadness. Or it’s a one night stand or an extramarital affair. Calm down and your inner self blame makes you feel uncomfortable.
  2. Bad sexual experience in the past. For example, you’ve been sexually assaulted, or you’ve met a very bad partner. Bad experiences in the past lead to PTSD.
  3. The decrease of dopamine level in the body. In the process of having sex, our body will secrete dopamine and oxytocin, making people extremely happy. But afterwards, we will also feel sudden sadness because of the rapid decline of dopamine level.
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Of course, the possibility of feeling sad after having sex is not limited to these three. For example, feeling unsatisfied, or suddenly starting to worry about two people’s emotional state, can lead to post anxiety disorder. However, these feelings will be very individual and related to many emotions of the day, so we don’t do too much.

All in all, feeling sad after sex is not as simple as affectation. There may be psychological reasons or physiological reasons. We can’t use “it must be that I don’t love him” to explain all the reasons for being sad afterwards.


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