A 31-year-old woman accidentally sent tricky shots of her bum to carpet fitters

ass 1560281079
ass 1560281079

Mortified Danie Cain, 31, took the cheeky photo after a nude tanning session – but accidentally sent her to the Wigan Carpets carpet store at her home.
Danie Cain, 31, took the brazen picture after a nude tanning session. She was trying to send the picture to her boyfriend.

After realizing her mistake, she followed the picture with a burst of apology. His embarrassed article about this mistake has accumulated more than 2,000 shares on Facebook. Danie, from Wigan, larger Manchester, said: “I had been on the sunbeds and burned my buttocks. “I was kind enough to talk to this boy and told him about it. He said, “Oh my god, send me a picture,” that’s what motivated me. That’s why he was on my film.

what a scrubber

“When I was asked to send a photo of my hallways, stairs and landing, I also clicked on it. “I immediately realized that I had sent this picture when they all appeared on my screen.”I looked at them and sent them a message” Oh my god, I did not want to tell you that I’m so sorry, I burned my buttocks on a tanning bed “.

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A 31-year-old woman accidentally sent tricky shots of her BUM

“What makes matters worse is that the photos I sent were those of my stairs and landing before I was decorated. It’s really ugly on the pictures.
“It’s everywhere on the Internet now and everyone is going to say, ‘what a scrubber’. “I do not know now if I could use the company now because they all saw my buttocks.”