82 Screenshots Of Embarrassingly Inaccurate Things Americans Posted On The Internet

We all make fools out of ourselves every now and then. Nobody is safe from that unwelcome sense of anxiety once you realized the thing you just said makes zero sense. But things that leave your mouth, whether IRL or online, do stay there, oftentimes forever.

And there’s a whole corner of Reddit, r/S***AmericansSay, dedicated entirely to the mission of collecting the stupidest, funniest, and sometimes embarrassing cases of people being so convinced they know better when they couldn’t be further away from the truth.

So let’s ready ourselves for the ensued hilarity, ‘cause we are about to have a fair share of it, trust me.

#1 You’re On The Internet, Which Is American

Image credits: Nulligravida

#2 America Is The Reason You Have Cars

Image credits: LazyFlamingRooster

#3 How Do You Prevent People From Jumping Off Like Idiots?

Image credits: MobileTurdFactory

#4 “More People Use Imperial Than Metric”

Image credits: Corporal-Porpoise

#5 ‘People Who Leave Their Phones Set To Military Time Are War Criminals’

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 “More People Know About Our Smallest State Vermont Then The Amsterdam”

Image credits: Particular_Edge2308

#7 People Engaging Me In German Because I Look German

Image credits: Mr_-_X

#8 Go To Panama, This Is America

Image credits: Pontoisien

#9 The Ambulance Is Not Your Taxi To The Hospital

Image credits: alematt

#10 Hmmmmmmm

Image credits: Classic-CJ

#11 “Who Was The First Country On Planet Earth To Ban Slavery? That’s Right, America”

Image credits: Aironwood

#12 Should Ask Them If Jews Matter Too

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Pridemonth

Image credits: unknown

#14 Where Does It Say In The Constitution Or Any Of The Amendments That Eating Is A Human Right?

Image credits: Liam_Noble

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#15 “I Am In Rhode Island”. “Nice, Ever Been To The USA Before”?

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 I Am Confused Is There A Rome In Italy?

Image credits: Singularitytracker

#17 Biden’s America

Image credits: unknown

#18 “We Will Never Rewrite The Constitution”

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 What Does He Care? He’s Not A Us Citizen, He’s Not Effected

Image credits: sandiercy

#20 “He Is (Your President)”

Image credits: meesseem

#21 Well Allocated Funds

Image credits: lNoahl

#22 “I Get That Native Americans Are Upset, I Get It”

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 The Titanic Is Just A Movie, Right?

Image credits: unknown

#24 Being Broke In American Is 100% On You

Image credits: elskitbbw

#25 Your Haircuts Are Un-American

Image credits: 3Squareheadz

#26 Why Is Munich Spelled “München” On Signs In Germany?

Image credits: Merlin428bretz

#27 The Real Heros Are The Ones Who Served The Us Military

Image credits: A_Cat_Named_Frank

#28 “[…]although My Ancestry Dna Gives Me Zero Italian Dna On My Dad’s Side, I’ll Stick With Being 1/4 Italian!”

Image credits: azulhombre

#29 “American Deaths Are Worth More”

Image credits: zzvu

#30 “The White House Is Bigger Than All The Countries You Named”

Image credits: theelleintraveller

#31 Are We Acting Like That’s Not Possible?

Image credits: DoUEvenCloudDistrict

#32 Wishing “Evil” On A Country Is Pretty Mean

Image credits: genius23sarcasm

#33 “It’s Amazing To See How Few Countries Know That “Soccer” Is The Correct Term”

Image credits: Andros1510Ro

#34 (Sad) Mistake A North Korean Flag For A Texan Flag

Image credits: GriffinFTW

#35 “They Started Faking An Accent”

Image credits: ArkhamKnight342

#36 Do You Guys Have Refrigerators?

Image credits: anotherwankusername

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#37 “Uniquely American”

Image credits: MuseMania

#38 “We Savez Nations Not Destroy Them”

Image credits: My-couchie-is-lousie

#39 Wait Other Countries Didn’t Have To Sing Their National Anthem Everyday At School For 12 Years???

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Would Love To See Some Of These Countries Try To F With Us

Image credits: louckak

#41 “Offended By Our Patriotism, Wattpad Girl?”

Image credits: KWAKUDATSU

#42 But We Can Pock Whatever Doctor Or Healthcare Insurer We Want! We Win

Image credits: Mr_-_X

#43 Why Do Brits Speak English, An American Language, Rather Than Speaking Some European Language?

Image credits: DasGespenstDerOper

#44 “I’d Rather Receive False Information…”

Image credits: Theemuts

#45 “At Least American Toilets Aren’t Just Holes In The Ground”

Image credits: RogueArtemis

#46 Is Mediterranean A Slur To Italians?

Image credits: big-black-ramarro

#47 “Healthcare Isn’t A Human Right”

Image credits: Cuber32

#48 Bidets Are Confusing

Image credits: unknown

#49 Commie Divas

Image credits: Gerceval_

#50 Countries

Image credits: unknown

#51 European Countries Don’t Have Elections As They Are Too Poor To Pay For The Patent Rights

Image credits: StrammerMax

#52 Can’t Compare Those Other Cities To The Us

Image credits: SokaKu93

#53 “Has Monumentally Contributed More To Mankind Than All Those Noted Combined”

Image credits: wienerlegende

#54 “Europeans Have Pretty Much The Exact Same Culture And Genetics”

Image credits: abc_username_123

#55 “Europeans Don’t Have Culture”

Image credits: Appropriate-Ad-9886

#56 Nates Of Americans

Image credits: unknown

#57 “…your Hip Would Break Because Their Medical Staff Is Garage…”

Image credits: ThatMusicKid

#58 “I Will Not Comply”

Image credits: crispy-aubergine

#59 Rank: Military Spouse

Image credits: Koeienvanger

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#60 “USA Is Less Racist Than Those Scandinavian Ethnostates”

Image credits: snusknugen

#61 It Foreign

Image credits: Cyberhaggis

#62 “We Invented The Car”

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Futuristic Technology

Image credits: unknown

#64 Europe Is A Country

Image credits: unknown

#65 My Ancestors Are American And They Came From America

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 If Churchill Was A “Racist”

Image credits: jmcs

#67 Forks Are Uniquely American

Image credits: unknown

#68 “You Shoud Put The U.S. For English”

Image credits: UselesssShit95

#69 “Good Luck Trying To Be A Billionaire Over There.”

Image credits: _Kristian_

#70 You’re A Third World Country For A Reason

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 “Come To America Where Our Dialects Are So Different Some Count As Completely Different Languages”

Image credits: garden_gnostalgic

#72 “I Would Like To See You Devote A Tweet To Memorializing The Victims Of 9/11. Thanks”

Image credits: charizardine

#73 Reading Is Hard

Image credits: unknown

#74 “If Your Leg Is Broken In Europe – You’re Done “

Image credits: The_Meaty_Boosh

#75 “Everyone Should Be Put In The Marines. Now”

Image credits: Faraz_rashid

#76 Well They Don’t Have Rights In England

Image credits: MedicalMango5

#77 ”Why Does Italian Pizza Look So Bad?”

Image credits: pandaron

#78 Only Americans Can Comprehend American Football

Image credits: unknown

#79 “My Expensive, Frequent Health Care Is Subsidized At The Expense Of Healthy People. I Think It’s Great!” Thief

Image credits: neeraj8le

#80 “You Rarely See Iphones Outside Switzerland”

Image credits: flowchart68

#81 My Son Died From Covid-19 And I’m Still Voting For Trump

Image credits: emix75

#82 Please Don’t Bring This European Style Socialism To America

Image credits: reddit.com