68 Of The Funniest “My Family Is Weird” Stories, As Shared By People For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

It’s Hashtags time, dear Pandas! The one, the only, the irresistibly humorous Jimmy Fallon is once again making us smile, giggle, and chortle when we’re supposed to be working or studying. This time, the critically acclaimed comedian has asked his loyal fun-loving followers to share the funny, weird, and embarrassing things that their family members have done or said. Naturally, when Fallon asks you to jump, you ask, “How high?” So people responded by posting under the #MyFamilyIsWeird hashtag, much to everyone’s amusement.

We’ve collected some of the best tweets for you to enjoy below, so go on and have a read. We think the stories are great and we hope so will you. And we know that every family has its weirdness, so we can’t wait to hear your own hilarious family stories—drop us a line in the comment section at the very bottom!

Samantha Scroggin, who runs the ‘Walking Outside in Slippers’ blog about parenting, told Bored Panda all about how families can develop fun (and weird!) little rituals that might seem quirky to others but help all of us deal with hard times. Read on for our full interview with her!

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“One of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband and two kids is by goofing around, and I love little rituals and routines. Aside from the basic routines like waking up for school and work and having breakfast, and brushing teeth and reading books before bed, we love to pull out our karaoke machine and cheer each other on as we take turns singing Disney classics,” Samantha, the founder of ‘Walking Outside in Slippers,’ told Bored Panda about the fun and lovable traditions in her own family.

“I think having little rituals and traditions unique to your family makes for important lasting memories the entire family can cherish. Those little quirky moments will probably stand out in a child’s memory much more than the everyday stuff,” she told Bored Panda.


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In Samantha’s opinion, rituals just like that help bring a little bit of light and a pinch of laughter into our lives that have changed much since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns. “Life can be challenging, especially in a pandemic. Previously basic practices like getting up and going to school have changed entirely. For my family and me, humor has been a great way to help cope with the changes.”

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She continued: “If my kids see Mom and Dad still laughing and joking, their situation will probably feel a little less scary. We’re OK, and so are they. My kids also love when they can make us crack up over some little comic they drew or joke they tell. Laughing together is a positive experience all around.”

For Samantha, there is only one way forward—fully embrace the weirdness and the goofiness! “At least in my family, we know we’re a bunch of weirdos and we embrace that. We all like to perform and act and be silly. But I think the way you behave is normal to you and your family. The key is to embrace the differences between individuals and families, and know that it’s those differences and quirks that make us all special,” she shared, and we fully agree with her.


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In a series of in-depth interviews, Bored Panda previously spoke about late-night TV shows, how they’ve been adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how to get noticed by hosts like Fallon with Mike Sington, an LA-based entertainment, pop-culture, and celebrity expert who is known as Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider.

According to entertainment expert Mike, US late-night TV shows have been adapting very well to the year-long coronavirus pandemic, the lockdowns, and the constantly-changing restrictions. Now that multiple Covid vaccines are being rolled out, things are getting even better for the entertainment industry.

Mike revealed to us that one thing that we can most certainly look forward to is an easing of restrictions in New York City where they’ll be allowing audiences of up to 100 people in April. Talk about a breath of fresh air!


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“I’m sure the shows will take advantage of that. My prediction is the late-night shows will be back to where they were pre-Covid this summer,” the expert told Bored Panda.

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In Mike’s opinion, there are several things that each and every single one of us can do if we want our posts to get noticed by Fallon and his team on social media. It’s all about persistence, patience, and (you could argue most importantly) having a fun, witty, interesting true story to tell.

“All the shows have social media teams that are writing and monitoring content. To grab the late-night hosts’ attention, tag the show! They will see it, they monitor every post they are tagged in,” Mike said.


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“If the post particularly stands out, they will forward it to the writing team for the show. Other than that, it’s just a matter of luck, or a story gaining traction on social media. The writers are monitoring social media in general, combing it for content to use. You never know when something will catch their eye, and a great story is likely to pop and catch their attention.”

Mike is a former senior executive at NBCUniversal, so he intimately knows how the entertainment industry works. Earlier, he detailed to us that TV hosts source material directly from social media because it’s a great way to engage with their audiences and stay connected with them.


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Even though late-night shows have lots of great writers to work on the material that we all love to see on our screens, there’s not much that can “top the personal, and often very funny, contributions of the fans themselves,” Mike highlighted.


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In Mike’s opinion, late-night hosts have done a fabulous job surfing the waves caused by the constantly shifting Covid-19 regulation landscape. They’ve had to greatly adapt to the new rules, a lack of a live audience, and a world that spoke almost exclusively about pandemic-related topics.

“I commend the late-night hosts for soldering on during this months-long lockdown. So many people are isolated and alone now, and they are welcome and familiar faces we can safely bring into our homes,” he said.

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“I would even say what they have been doing over the past several months has been somewhat heroic because it hasn’t been easy for them. They knew early on though, the need was there, and they stepped up to the challenge.”

Entertainment expert Mike believes that the material that late-night shows have been putting out over the last year has been great, even if it’s been different. He’s seen an improvement in the quality, in his pro opinion.


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“I think their material has been better than ever. Over the past year, there’s been a wealth of material in the news to utilize. The energy is there, but it’s a bit different. They’ve had to adjust to trying times and having no audience, but have done so admirably.”

He continued: “What they’re doing is paying off in the ratings which have been stronger than ever. They’ve been providing much-needed comfort and familiarity that people are craving now.”


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Which of these tweets did you enjoy the most, dear Readers? Do you have any #MyFamilyIsWeird stories that you’d like to share with everyone? Let us know what you think below!


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