55 Good reasons why Beer is superior to women

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1. You could enjoy a Beer all thirty day period long.
2. Beer discolorations wash out.
3. It’s not necessary to wine and dine Light beer.
4. Your beer will invariably wait patiently in the car as you play football.
5. Once your Beer goes flat, a person toos it out.
6. Light beer is never late.
7. A new beer doesn’t get green with envy when you grab another Light beer.
8. Hangovers go away.
being unfaithful. Beer labels come off without having a fight.
10. When you go to some sort of bar, you know you can always grab a Light beer.
11. Beer never has a headache.
10. After you’ve had a Beer, this bottle is still worth your five cents.
13. A Light beer won’t get upset when you come home with another Light beer.
14. If you pour some sort of Beer right, you’ll often get good head.
fifteen. A Beer always decreases easy.
16. You can have several Beer in a night, rather than feel guilty.
17. You could share a Beer together with your friends.
18. You always find out when you’re the first one to place a Light beer.
19. Light beer is always wet.
20. Beer doesn’t demand equality.
21 years of age. You can have a Beer in front of a group.
22. A Beer isn’t going to care when you come.
3. A frigid Beer is a superb Beer.
24. If you transform Beers, you don’t have to pay dole.
25. You don’t have to wash some sort of Beer before it preferences good.
Beer is never late
26. Weight loss catch social diseases coming from a Beer.
27. When you’re disrupted by a Beer, it’s for the good reason.
28. A Light beer is always satisfying.
29. A new Beer gets lighter this longer you hold it.
35. A Beer won’t inform you it’s pregnant for fun.
2. A Beer doesn’t have granparents.
32. No matter what the package, some sort of Beer still looks great.
33. To cool off some sort of Beer, all you have to do will be put it in the ice field.
34. All you have to do to defeat a Beer is create a leak.
35. Beer isn’t going to complain about farting.
thirty-six. The only thing a Beer says to you is when it’s time to see a bathroom.
37. You are never uncomfortable about the beer you provide for a party.
38. It’s ok to leave a party which has a different Beer than you came with.
39. Beer will not drive you to drink.
40. You could shoot a Beer.
forty one. A Beer chaser is straightforward to catch.
42. Its not necessary a license to live with a Light beer.
43. A tree is enough for a Beer.
forty four. Beer doesn’t grow tresses where it shouldn’t.
fortyfive. Beer doesn’t care just how much you earn.
46. Light beer and Ice don’t blend.
47. Beer won’t protest about your choice of vacation.
forty eight. Beer doesn’t care when you go to sleep right after you’ve experienced it.
49. Beer will be happy to ride in the shoe of your car.
50. You’ve got a have to promise to admiration a Beer in the morning

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