22 issues to not say to a cop

What NOT To Say To A Cop
What NOT To Say To A Cop

1. I am unable to attain my license until you maintain my beer.

2. Sorry, Officer, I did not understand my radar detector wasn’t plugged in.

3. Aren’t you that man from the Village People?

4. Hey, you will need to have been doin’ not less than 120 mph to maintain up with me…Good job!

5. Did not I see you get your ass kicked on COPS?

11. Excuse me…is stick up hyphenated?

12. Wow, you look similar to the man within the image on my girlfriend’s nightstand.

13. Is it true that folks grow to be cops as a result of they’re too dumb to work at McDonald’s?

14. I pay your wage!

15. So, uh, you on the take, or what?

16. Gee, that intestine certain would not encourage confidence.

17. Have you learnt why you pulled me over? Okay, simply so one among us does.

18. I used to be attempting to maintain up with site visitors. Sure, I do know there aren’t any different vehicles around-that’s how far forward of me they’re.

19. What do you imply, “Have I been drinking?” You are the educated specialist.

20. Properly, after I reached down to choose up my bag of crack, my gun fell off my lap and obtained lodged between the brake pedal and the fuel pedal, forcing me to hurry uncontrolled.

21. Hey, is {that a} 9 mm? That is nothing in comparison with this .44 Magnum.

22. Hey, are you able to give me one other a type of full cavity searches?

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