14 Trends That Are Defining This Year – Yes, Already

Toss nostalgia and innovation into a blender, and you’ll end up with a pastel-colored mixture that embodies the year 2019. Disney will dominate the box office with a slew of #TBT-worthy remakes and sequels. Meanwhile, fitness-lovers might be tempted to skip the gym in favor of high-tech, at-home workout equipment. In the fashion world, style stars will resurrect forgotten trends from the early aughts, while makeup mavens look to the future with CBD-infused products. All the while, fierce female politicians will be blazing the path leading up to the 2020 election.

Based on the insights of POPSUGAR’s editors, our internal trend tools, and our hundreds of millions of monthly visitors around the globe, we’re highlighting 14 trends, themes, and topics that will reach their peak in 2019. Dust off your low-rise cargo pants, pour yourself an oat milk latte, and keep reading to see what to expect of the year ahead.