100 Years “The Movie You Will Never See”

100 Years movie
100 Years movie

A film titled 100 years will be released on November 18, 2115. The film was written by John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez with an unknown plot. They have collaborated with the help of Louis XIII Cognac to make films that nobody will see for 100 years. This film is inspired by the hundred years needed to make every bottle of Louis XIII. The film is stored in a high-tech safe behind bulletproof glass which will be opened automatically on November 18, 2115, the day of the film’s premiere. A thousand guests from all over the world, including Malkovich and Rodriguez, have received a pair of invitation tickets made of metal for the premiere, which they can submit to their descendants.

John Malkovich, Robert Rodriguez Movie: '100 Years'

“100 Years” is a movie that won’t be released until 2115″

While the film’s details are kept secret, the names and roles of three actors have been released:

John Malkovich as the male protagonist.
Shuya Chang as the female protagonist.
Marko Zaror as the antagonist.

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There is the possibility that this film may never be viewed by the public. Due to the uncertainties of what may happen in the next 100 years. Humans may not be around.