10 Signs that you are wasting your life

depression 1557520393
depression 1557520393
  1. You do not finish whatever you have started. You give up easily.
  2. You do not read or at least learn a new thing every day.
  3. You are busy chasing beautiful girls but in reality, you do not have a single goal.
  4. You compare your life with other peoples lives.
  5. You go to bed around 4 am after watching some series and then sleep while your mates are busy hustling.
  6. You believe in shortcuts more than hard work
  7. You spend a lot of money on smoking, you can invest the money in something else.
  8. You believe that six packs will bring you a good wife with good character and so you hit the gym day and night.
  9. Other people take important decision for your life, you personally don’t have focus, plan and a visible direction.
  10. Your phone is your God. you crave for attention on social media and 100000 followers are very important to you. You run your life in public with zero privacy!