Thu. May 23rd, 2019

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Please do NOT put foil in the microwave

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These people are the reason ridiculous warning labels exist, like the one on a curling iron that says “for external use only”. And now – because of a bunch of dumb tweets about making foil shiny, we’re at a point where we have to be reminded not to roll foil up into a ball and chuck it into the microwave.
foil ballshiny ball

If you are stupid enough to believe it then you deserve what happens.

1. Using your hands, create a rough sphere with aluminium foil.

2. Use a rubber hammer to shape it into a more exact sphere.

3. Hammer the ball for about two hours. Once the ball’s hard enough, use a hammer to shape again.

4. Polish the ball with coarse sandpaper, and then with fine sandpaper.

5. Put liquid abrasive on a dry cloth to gently polish the ball.

There are already a few people who are uploading photos of their busted-up microwaves.

burn ball.jpg

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