Kim Kardashian is one self-obsessed celebrity

On the final episode of the recent season of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian announced that as a wedding gift to Kanye West she made him a book of selfies of herself, not to mention that she had already given him one for his birthday that year. Since then, the reality TV star has decided to publish an entire book of her self-portraits. The book is set to be released in April 2015 and will contain 352 pages filled with selfies. The star noted that the book will contain some racy photos since all girls take pictures of their rear in the mirror.

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Heather McCartney Strips Naked at Football Game

Heather McCartney, 26, kicked, punched and bit police who tried to arrest her shortly after the final siren of football game.

The Scottish model flew into town from her Gold Coast home for footys biggest day and said after a big session drinking she just got carried away.

Heather McCartney (3)

Donning a Hawthorn scarf, she enjoyed the match from the comfort of a corporate box before performing an explicit post-game show for a group of mates.

After she tried to climb out of the corporate boxs window, completely naked, police stepped in.

Photos of McCartney cavorting completely nude around the corporate box have appeared on social media.

Heather McCartney (2)

Dozens of shocked footy fans can be seen looking on in surprise at the explicit show.

Police described McCartney as drunk, unsteady on her feet and totally incoherent when they tried to arrest her.

Refusing to go down without a fight she abused, hit out at, and bit police.

Heather McCartney (1)

F–k off, I dont have to tell you anything. You f—ing retard, she yelled before hitting one officer in the face.

Police called for back-up before another officer was attacked with a high heel and a third bites on the finger.

Shortest scary stories which will scare the hell out of you

Check out these 10 short and scary stories.

1. Wife screams at her funeral

2. Just saw my reflection blink

3. We lost internet access. Forever

4. Hard drive failed, no backups

5. WhatsApp chat shared on Facebook

6. You awoke suddenly, buried alive

7. Alone in bed. Blanket shifts

8. Last person alive, hears knocking

9. Someone enjoys watching you sleep

10. Locked door opens by itself
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