Producer spots photo of Maggie in episode about Marge being pregnant with Maggie

The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman has spotted a glaring episode in one of the show’s most significant episodes. Vintage Simpsons fans will recall that ‘And Maggie Makes Three’ is the season six episode where Marge informs Homer that she’s pregnant with the youngest of their brood. But as Selman points out, there’s just one problem. In the very scene where Marge reveals the news, there’s a framed photo of Maggie in the background. Selman posted the gaffe on Twitter, and it’s causing quite the debate among Simpsons devotees. Maggie is in photo on wall behind Marge telling Homer she’s pregnant with Maggie —Read More →

how long does sex normally last

The average time for each couple, across all the times they had sex, ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. Meanwhile, the average across all couples was 5.4 minutes. This means a couple will typically go for an average of 5.4 minutes every time they have sex. Important to keep your energy level up, which means having proper breakfast in morning when you wake up. You need to maintain this energy so that after work you have enough energy to dance 4 hours. And you can loose all this energy at once by being angry or yelling at someone. One landmark Journal of Sexual MedicineRead More →

The cowgirl sex position is the most common cause of penile fracture The ejaculation of an average man is 7,200 times in his life time The vaginal weightlifting record is 31lbs The clitoris has at least 8000 nerve endings 16% of women have never had an orgasm during sex The average speed of ejaculation is 28mph (about 46 KMPH) The average male orgasm lasts about 6 seconds, while the female orgasm lasts about 23 seconds on average Men have an average of 9 erections per night The largest penis in the animal kingdom is if the blue whale measuring about 11 feet long Douching canRead More →