A growing collection of funny restroom, washroom, bathroom, lavatory and toilet signs. Public restrooms are a necessary evil. No wants to have to use them, but we all feel more comfortable knowing they’re there.Read More →

These counterfeit goods are sure to make you do a double take because they closely resemble the original items they are ripping off. Especially in the East, these knockoffs have become so popular that they are popping up in all types of products, from designer handbags and jeans, to consumer electronics, sneakers, and even top fast food chains. One of the biggest copycat stories in recent years is the opening of several fake Apple stores in China, who used the electronic giant’s logo, decor, and even uniforms. Some employees even believed they worked at a real Apple store.Read More →

Lamborghini, was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini following World War II, after working as a mechanic, he went into business building tractors from leftover military hardware that had finished being used from the war effort. When the war had ended, he continued and expanded his business of tractor manufacturing, and by the 1950’s it was already one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers in Italy. With a business so large and so profitable, Lamborghini began to grow an interest in expanding into automobiles. This was because he had had an interest in cars since childhood, and even owned several luxury cars. In 1958, he purchased aRead More →