James Fridman is an photoshop expert and he edits photos online for people.But occasionally he starts trolling them here are a few of them.For more visit his twitter profile James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter and his Instagram profile – James Fridman (@fjamie013) • Instagram photos and videos Photoshop has been a huge blessing for humankind. It helps us correct all the little flaws that appear on the otherwise perfect picture. However, if this amazing tool ends up in the hands of individuals that haven’t got the appropriate skills to use it, a disaster can happen. It seems that there are a lot of people thatRead More →

The story goes that sometime in the 1950s the Cooper family of Texas bought an old house and moved into it. On their first night there, the father took a photo of Mom and Grandma posing with the two kids at the dining room table. Everyone was happy and smiling. They were living the American dream. But when the photo was subsequently developed, they saw, to their horror, that what looked like a body falling or hanging from the ceiling had materialized behind them. It hadn’t been there when the father took the photo. So where had it come from? Was it an apparition ofRead More →

Apart from people copying other successful people, successful products are also copied, that’s why we have copyright laws governing such occurrences. Unfortunately, these copyright laws have some strict boundaries. What do we mean? For instance, in China, their patent laws make it simple for designs to be copied easily, and tough for car manufacturers from outside the country to file for any form of infringement. That’s why we have a lot of copycat products coming from China. For this article, we would be listing copycat cars that make us sad for the original models. Later in the article, you’d be seeing outrageous copycat cars thatRead More →