Two People Handling a Potentially Deadly Near Miss in the Most Civilized Way This is a wonderful example of two people handling a potentially catastrophic near miss like thoughtful and civilised human beings, even with that adrenaline pumping like crazy. I wasn’t quite as lucky and ended up with significant skin grafts and some fractures after slamming into the side of a utility truck that had turned in front of me. He was in the wrong for not turning with absolute clear line of sight but I was also in the wrong in that the accident would have been avoided had I not been goingRead More →

Big Chungus refers to an image of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny

Big Chungus is the greatest game know to man currently it is only available on ps4 Colorado GameStop manager named Justin Laufer shared a bizarre story about a GameStop employee’s mom asking for Big Chungus, a PlayStation 4 game featuring a pear-shaped Bugs Bunny on the cover. Supposedly, the Big Chungus game is developed by No Man’s Sky‘s Hello Games, features Dante from Devil May Cry, and is rated AO for Adults Son:Mom, for christmas can you buy me Big Chungus, Mom: what the wtf is a Hig Bunyons?!? Or Friend 1: bro, you look like a big chungus after thanksgiving Friend 2: i knowRead More →

An electronic board in a Macdonald’s that displays all of the people’s names in the local prison and what their crime is Innocent until proven guilty. It’s not only defamatory, there’s a good case for jury tampering. You taint any possibly jury pool by associating a face and name to crime before any evidence is presented, thus depriving them of their constitutional right to a fair trial. People keep saying that this is a dystopian system. In fact, it is the opposite. This is used to ensure hyper-transparency by the government for people being charged for a crime. This means that the populace always knowsRead More →