Unfortunately, the access to technology and information can lead to this too – rumors start and get shared at an alarming rate and nobody bothers to check/confirm them anymore and you get these tragedies. Maura Cordero, the owner of an arts and crafts shop in the small town of Acatlán in the central Mexican state of Puebla, noticed an unusual number of people gathering outside the municipal police station next to her shop. Cordero, 75, moved closer to the door and peered out. Dozens of people were outside the police station on Reforma Street, the town’s main thoroughfare, and the crowd was swelling. Soon thereRead More →

Who said you need your pants down? Just put the seat down and enjoy privacy like you never have before.

According to the spirit of John Harington, who invented the toilet, that is how they were originally meant to be used. Usually because it’s great time to read and temporarily get away from the world. You could be in the middle of a lawsuit and taking a shit is like serenity that allows you to forget it for a moment.  Read More →