William Burke along with William Hare (men from northern Ireland) were famous grave robbers in Scotland. One day, an old man they knew died and to cover his outstanding debt to them, they decided to sell his body for medical science. Edinburgh university gave them 7 pounds and 10 shillings – a handsome sum on those days. With that, they were hooked. When another associate fell ill, they couldn’t even wait to see if he would die and suffocated him in his bed. Again, they sold his body for money. The killing spree began, the pair murdered and sold bodies almost as their full-time jobs.Read More →

Carl Tanzler, a German radiographer, was in love with his patient, Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos. Maria had tuberculosis, and he tried almost everything to save her, but no proper treatment was present at that time, and so she died. She was buried in a sepulchre, above the ground. He later claimed that he used to hear her voice from the grave. So, after 2 years, he removed the body from her grave, and brought it back home. What he did with it? Fixed the bones together. Put glass eyes in her sockets. Filled her body with tags. Removed her skin and put plaster overRead More →

1. Bodies can burn for a loonngggg time (5 hours, sometime much longer), once our fat liquefies and turns into fuel (environmentally friendly!), and can provide the perfect amount of light to read a good book (from my own experience). 2. Ants outnumber people 1.5 million to one. Combined humans only started outweighing combined ants around the late 1700s. If ants learned to work together, we could have ant vs. human MMA fights on TV. 3. No one dies of “old age”. All deaths are either injury or illness. Old age is one or more organs failing, and then your body saying, “FINE!” and givingRead More →