i need help

I need help. I am really not sure what is going on right now but I know I need help. I'll write down everything I remember, even though I know it won't make any sense.

It all started with a rumor: there were some guys playing a stupid game every Saturday afternoon in a park a few rows away. They were bothering bypassers and, arguably, strange stuff was happening. News were vague but spread fast. At some point, everyone got to hear or discuss it daily. The college staff personnel grew openly concerned that it may be related with drugs or a cult, and they started warning students to avoid the park on Saturdays until the situation settled down. They even called the police, who seemingly showed up, inquired the involved individuals, and concluded that there was no action to be taken. Nobody seemed to have any accurate information on what was actually happening in the park, nor whether something was happening at all.

As soon as two friends and me found out that the police had been there and that they were fine with whatever was going on, we decided to try and debunk the myth: that very next Saturday we headed to the park after lunch.

The park is in a very busy and populated residential area. An unusually warm Winter Saturday afternoon brought many people and children out to enjoy the park. I pointed out that it seemed that the rumors had not hit this neighborhood, so maybe it was a hoax after all.

We sat on a bench for twenty minutes and walked around for some twenty more minutes. Somebody started waving a hand at us from the distance. It was a guy in a visibly cheap Cheshire cat costume that wasn't covering his face. He yelled in a friendly tone "hey, you, the one with the red t-shirt! come over, this is for you!" while he shook a small white box in his hands. We quickly looked at each other to figure out who was wearing the red t-shirt and it turned out it was me. We didn't say a word, but it looked like we implicitly agreed that the three of us would approach him. Even if the guy tried to pull a weird move off, there were many people around and we could run and scream for help. The guy smiled at me and said "Welcome to level one". He handed me the box and started walking away. My friends and me looked at each other and then at the box. I opened it and there was a small glittery cupcake in it.

Ok, sure, I wasn't going to eat that. We kind of froze there concerned that we were just in possession of some sort of drug, so we got creeped out and quickly closed the box. We silently watched the guy disappear in the distance, and we headed back to the college dorms. I left the box with the cupcake in my bedroom so as to avoid anyone eating it. Perhaps I could just phone the police in case they wanted to analyze it for drugs. I wasn't sure what to do. I took a shower just to clear up my mind.

When I came back to my bedroom, I found my girlfriend sitting on my bed. I inquired "how did you get in?" and she said "the door was open". I noticed the white box, open, by her side, and my heart started pounding in my chest. Oh, crap. I asked "you didn't eat that, right?" at the same time I threw myself on the bed and grasped the box, and she laughed "no, of course not, is that even edible?". What did she mean? I had a second look at the inside of the box and I realized that the cupcake actually didn't look appetizing or edible at all. The frosting looked rubbery, grayish, and sunken, and together with the glitter it made the cupcake look like some sort of toy jewelry. I asked my girlfriend "do you think it is not, like… edible?" and tried touching the frosting with the tip of my finger. My finger went in without me feeling anything at all, and it came out quite clean, leaving the cupcake unaffected.

I looked up at my girlfriend with a face of surprise, and she said, grinning, "you are in level two". You can imagine all the questions that went through my mind, right? A chill ran down my spine and I said "what?". She stopped grinning and said "what what?". I inquired "what did you just say?", and she said "I told you I ate your cupcake, I thought it was for me… are you angry?". I frowned, confused, and looked at the box in my hands. It was empty.

I could instantly feel my heartbeat in my head and I could only hear a very high-pitched buzz. I picked up my phone and dialed college security and told them there was something wrong with me, and my girlfriend had eaten something potentially toxic. I heard some mumbling but I couldn't tell apart the words. I suddenly got aware that I was suffering tunnel vision, I could barely hear anything and the pounding in my head got a lot stronger. I was going to pass out. In one last effort, I tried laid on the floor to avoid hurting myself. It seems I passed out.

College security got to wake me up as medical services personnel were arriving at the room. They didn't really look concerned about my girlfriend, who was sitting on the bed crying, and I couldn't really speak. They shoved me in an ambulance, turned the sirens on, and headed to a hospital.

I was left in observation that night. I was alone. I was sick. I couldn't sleep. I was hallucinating and raving. One second I saw a crowd entering the room, the next second they were all gone. The second after, I heard screaming. Then I heard multiple doors slamming shut and open. Then, silence. I was so freaking out. I pressed the emergency clicker but it didn't seem to work. Nobody was coming. I stood up and decided to walk out of the room. The corridor was pitch black. I needed someone to help me. I started walking. I could see little moving figures popping out of the darkness, but they faded as I tried to focus my sight on them.

Beep. Loud beeping. I woke up to my alarm clock. I was in my college room. I was in my bed. I felt like crap. This was half an hour ago. I've been trying to figure out whether what happened was a dream, and exactly what parts of it were a dream. So far, as I was writing down this post I arrived to the following realizations: The friends I went to the park with… I cannot really remember who they were. Also, I have never had a girlfriend.

There's something obviously wrong with me right now. What should I do? Help me! –WHAT THE HECK. A little girl just knocked at my bedroom window from the outside (THIS IS A SECOND FLOOR!) and she said "you have reached level five". HELP ME!

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There was a Shooting at the Local Grocery Store

My life has always been pretty boring. I live in a small town and nothing super crazy ever happens. I remember the year that the prom queen came out of the closet being the hardest this place has ever been rocked. Pretty fucking boring around here.

My father owns a gas station/mechanic shop combo and ever since I was old enough I have been working the cash register. It is nice enough and it allows me to buy my own video games and comic books. It’s a very laid back gig, unless a family traveling through has a sick kid. I do not treasure mopping up vomit. It has happened at least once a summer in the last couple years.

Last week I was working the closing shift, same as usual. I had the small television behind the counter playing the news as I flipped through the latest issue of Detective Comics. I heard a breaking news update about a shooting and immediately dropped my comic book. This kind of thing never happens here. Ever.

The woman continued to tell a story about a grocery store across town that had been the victim of multiple shootings. The entire shopping center was roped off and they weren’t letting anyone in as it was an active crime scene. The news reporter stood across the street with the sign for the grocery store in the background.

“We know at least 3 are dead and several more injured.” She said matter-of-factly.

I immediately grabbed at my pocket and pulled my cell phone out. My mother had been talking about going over there today for some farmers market thing. I touched on her contact and tried to keep myself calm.


“Mom! I just saw the news and I was worried you were at that grocery store. Thank God, I was so scared for a minute.”

“I’m fine honey. Gotta go”


I was so relieved that I didn’t spend any time thinking about why she was being so short with me. I sat there wondering over who might have been hurt there. I knew some girls from my old school had worked there or they used to, we hadn’t really kept in touch. Other than that I struggled to think if anyone I knew would have been anywhere near that.

My best friends all lived on this side of town anyways and weren’t really the Farmers market type. We played a lot of tabletop games and argued about comic books and we loved hanging out at the pizza shop across the street.

My mind started to wander then and I had a customer walk in. I straightened up and turned the volume back down on the T.V.

“Did you hear bout what happened with the shootin?” An older gentleman asked as he browsed the beer selection.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it. I hope they got the guy.”

“In this town? Nobody seen anything this big in a long time, son.”

I had no response for him, he was right. I rang him up and wished him well. I stood at attention at the counter for a few more minutes before reaching for my comic book. Before I could even open it another customer walked in.

A girl. A girl I think i know actually.

“Can I have $30 on pump 4?” She placed the cash on the counter without looking up.

“Sure.” I started to notice how disheveled she looked.

“Everything alright?” I asked hesitantly.

She looked at me then, her eyes were red and her face was streaked with tears. She looked at me for a long moment.

“Connor? Is that you?”

“Yeah, Scarlet right? We had Calculus together.” That’s right. I knew her from school. It had been a few years but she looked just the same.

“Can I ask you a favor without you thinking I’m crazy?” She looked desperate. I was worried at this point, something had obviously happened to this girl.

“Of course, what’s up?”

“Conner, something happened today at the grocery store and I will tell you all about it later but I need a nap. Can you.. Watch me sleep?” She hesitated and then stared at the counter.

“I’m scared.” she whimpered.

“Easy enough. I’m out of here in about 10 minutes.” I tried to sound comforting but honestly I was a little spooked.

“I will go fill up and then wait for you outside.” She tried to crack a smile but it looked forced.

The last couple minutes were easy, I had already cleaned up and counted the drawer down. It is literally never busy here so I always got out on time. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. Scarlet had just put the gas cap back on and was getting back in her car.

I crossed the parking lot and looked through her window, she motioned me inside. I opened the door and sat in her passenger seat.

“Can you just keep driving me around for a little while?” She didn’t take her eyes off the steering wheel.

“Sure, I mean you could rest at my apartment for a bit it would probably be more comfortable.” She started audibly sobbing. “Or not, I can just drive you around.”

“He killed Edna and my boss and I don’t know what happened to Rey or Liz and my mom is part of it now and she called him my father! I don’t know what the fuck is happening! I just need some rest so I can figure this out!” The tears were rolling down her cheeks and off her face now.

“Hey, hey.. It’s alright. I will drive. Take as long as you need.” I was horrified. What had happened to her? I got out of the car and waited until she got into the passenger seat to walk around the car.

She was asleep before I finished adjusting the mirrors in her car. I have been driving her around for a few hours now and I just woke her up so I could use the bathroom. I don’t know what is going on but I have a feeling I have gotten myself into something serious. I am hoping to get the full story when I get back to the car but I am starting to get scared, nothing like this ever happens here.

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