Tex Johnson did a barrel roll in a prototype 707 during a first look at a an air show with a lot of potential customers in attendance. When his boss called him into his office and said “What the hell were you doing?”, he replied “Selling Airplanes.”. December of 1942, Tex went to Bell Aircraft as a flight test engineer, flying the P-39 Airacobra and the XP-63 during their prototype phases. He also flew the XP-59 and the first US jet. He earned his nickname, “Tex” because he always wore his Stetson cowboy hat and cowboy boots while on the flight line. Once WWII hadRead More →

At the end of the 16th century, Dutch growers started to do some research and testing, to improve the quality of the vegetables. They took mutant strains of purple carrots as well as yellow and white ones and started experimenting. Gradually, after numerous generations, they got to the sweet variety we see today, which was also more resistant and better tasting than their purple rivals. “A town in Southern France, Arausio, founded by the Romans in 35 BC, was classically pronounced “Aurenja.” Predictably, that became “orange” once the French conflated naranj with or. When a man named William the Silent from Nassau inherited the ruleRead More →

Your honor, how does the plaintiff know my client’s penis is “abnormally long”? Pehaps the damage sustained, if any, is not due to my client’s abnormally long penis, which he is happy to admit to having, but rather the damage is due to the abnormally large number of dicks the plaintiff has had in her to provide an adequate sample size to be able to determine what is and isn’t “abnormally long”. Silindile Mangena, 29, from Harare, Zimbabwe, said that her vagina was ‘tight’ before she met her ex, Mugove Kurima, in 2016. Kurima, 37, who was reportedly married at the time of the stretching,Read More →