There were 1,800 people (passengers and the ship’s crew) died in the Titanic disaster on 15 April 1912. But only few knew about 35 selfless and brave Engineers who maintained electrical power to keep the lights on throughout the ship, thereby reducing the danger of panic among the passengers. The Engineers in the engine and boiler rooms stayed at their posts working tirelessly while everyone else was running for the lifeboats to save their own lives. Because, pumping and electricity are very important to keep the ship afloat. They did not know if help would come and all of them were isolated from the openRead More →

The piece in question is an old wooden stall door saved from a train station toilet near Perth. There is a hole cut into it which men would use for anonymous sex. The boss of the Western Australia Museum says its recent acquisition of a Gosnells “glory hole” was not meant to be controversial and was reflective of the institution’s duty to represent the whole community. The donated piece is a train station toilet door with a hole cut into it that was used by gay men in the Perth beat scene for covert sex at a time when homosexuality in Western Australia was illegal.Read More →