Kim Kardashian – She may have bared her bum and “broke the internet

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Kim Kardashian’s ass that broke the internet

She may have bared her bum and “broke the internet”, but since everyone was already used to seeing Kim Kardashian’s bare body, few people chose to bat an eye. Instead, it was the infamous photo of Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her rear end that sparked outrage, but few seemed to know beforehand that the photo was recreating something that was unequivocally racist.

The photo, which appeared in Paper magazine, was a recreation of a famous shot from 1970s French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, titled “Champagne Incident”. So far, so innocent, right? Well, maybe, until you learn that the image appeared in a book by the photographer that was called “Jungle Fever”! The book is all about the fetishizing of black women by white people (specifically, men), and literally transforms their subjects into objects while paying extra special attention to the “exaggerated” female form. Definitely not the kind of thing that deserves a toast!
Kim Kardashian’s ass

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