Funniest Dog Shaming Photos Ever

Dog shaming is an internet meme which originated on Tumblr in August 2012. It is where an image of a dog is uploaded to the internet with a sign which describes some recent negative behaviour perpetrated by the dog. Dog shaming is the name given to the activity where a dog owner creates a sign to describe a negative activity that the dog has participated in. For example, the sign might read “I dug a hole in the carpet”. The sign is then either hung around the dog’s neck, or placed next to the animal and is photographed and published on the internet. It has been compared to PostSecret and a viral image of child shaming.
dog shaming (5)

dog shaming (6)

dog shaming (7)

dog shaming (8)

dog shaming (9)

dog shaming (10)

How to decorate like a real man?

When a giant Taco Bell ad sign fell down across from these college students’ dorm, they knew exactly what to do with it.

taco bell sign

They were going to throw it away, but I had a better idea,” one of them said.


It took a bunch of them to get it across the street and into the dorm.

taco bell decoration