The woman who won an appeal to wear a pasta strainer on her head

The woman who won an appeal to wear a pasta strainer on her head in her driver’s license photo.

Woman Fights and Wins Appeal to Wear Pasta Strainer on Her Head in Driver's License Photo
Lindsay Miller of Lowell, Massachusett

Lindsay Miller a self-described Pastafarian, has won her fight to wear a pasta strainer on her head in her driver’s license photo. Arguing that her chosen headgear was part of her right to freely express and practice her religion, Miller was granted permission by the state of Massachusetts motor vehicles division on appeal, after their initial refusal.

The Massachusetts RMV’s website writes that drivers may not wear hats or head coverings in their drivers’ license photos unless the clothing items are “for medical or religious reasons.”

In 2015, Lindsay Miller was denied a renewed license by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, she said, for wearing the metal cookware.

“They were kind of laughing at me,” Miller said. “I thought of other religions and women and thought that this was not fair. I thought, ‘Just because you haven’t heard of this belief system, [the RMV] should not be denying me a license.’ ”

Miller says she wore the strainer to show her devotion to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Jim Thorpe Real American Bad Ass

Look closely at the photo, you can see that Jim Thorpe wearing different socks and shoes. This wasn’t a fashion statement.

They named a town in Pennsylvania after his legacy to honor him
They named a town in Pennsylvania after his legacy to honor him

It was the 1912 Olympics, and Jim Thorpe , a Native American from Oklahoma represented the U.S. in track and field. On the morning of his competitions, his shoes were stolen. Luckily, Jim ended up finding two shoes in a garbage bin. That’s the pair that he’s wearing in the photo. One of the shoes was too small and the other shoe was too big, so he had to wear an extra sock. Wearing these shoes, Jim Thorpe won two gold medals. This is a perfect reminder that you don’t have to resign to the excuses that have held you back. So what if life hasn’t been fair? What are you going to do about it today? Whatever you woke up with this morning; stolen shoes, ill health, failed relationships, don’t let it stop you from running your race. You can experience more in life if you’ll get over the excuses and get on with living.

Instead of making excuses, you have to actually change your perspective. If you keep not doing something you think is  important for you to do, don’t make excuses as to why you’re not doing, figure out why you’re actually not doing it and own up to it!

You can still have an erection once dead

A death erection (sometimes referred to as “angel lust”) is a post-mortem erection which occurs when a male individual dies vertically or face-down with the cadaver remaining in this position. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures a relatively even distribution around the blood vessels of the human body. Once this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity acts upon the blood. As with any mass, the blood settles at the lowest point of the body and causes edema or swelling to occur; the discoloration caused by this is called lividity.

If an individual dies vertically such as in a hanging, the blood will settle in the legs and pool at the feet. The pressure will be greatest as the weight of the blood pushes down. This causes the blood vessels and tissues in the feet to engorge to their greatest elastic capacity and hold the greatest volume of blood possible. This effect occurs right up the legs although to a lesser extent than the feet and is also notable at the waist. The blood which remains in the torso attempts to move to a lower position due to gravity, and as the blood in the waist causes the penis, consisting of erectile tissue, to fill with blood and expand. This is the death erection. As long as the body remains in this position the effect will continue.