It’s a shame that so many people that make the shows and music possible, don’t receive the same amount of love. It’s dope that they gave this dude a little love and some exposure.Read More →

“You’re born in Europe, you’re supposed to know all the languages in Euorpe” – This shows how stoooopid Americans are. James asks all-time movie villain Peter Stormare about his rise to fame in Hollywood and learns a shift in casting movie bad guys opened up a lane for him to unleash his Russian accent, which is like his Hungarian accent, which is like his Estonian accent, which is like his German accent.Read More →

The footage shows the courier making three attempts to get the package over the ledge in behaviour which viewers have branded as ‘disgusting’. He fails at throwing the box, of which the contents are unknown, the first time and it can be seen smashing into the brick wall. The unnamed driver can then be seen jumping off the vehicle to pick up the box, before climbing back up and trying again. The person can be heard saying ‘he won’t make it’, as she films what is happening in disbelief. However, other pointed out the package could have contained delicate items, and his actions could haveRead More →