The footage shows the courier making three attempts to get the package over the ledge in behaviour which viewers have branded as ‘disgusting’. He fails at throwing the box, of which the contents are unknown, the first time and it can be seen smashing into the brick wall. The unnamed driver can then be seen jumping off the vehicle to pick up the box, before climbing back up and trying again. The person can be heard saying ‘he won’t make it’, as she films what is happening in disbelief. However, other pointed out the package could have contained delicate items, and his actions could haveRead More →

This video perfectly sums up the current societal struggle: A bunch of loud, unproductive, entitled idiots shouting about nonsense, and everybody else just trying to get work done. On January 21st, 2017, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing a group of student protesters at the University of Washington chanting “Who has the power? We’ve got the power” are interrupted by a man saying “Hey hey hey, this is library.”. The original video has since been removed but was subsequently reuploaded.Read More →